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The Concept Stadium is the ideal balance of professionalism in the marketing industry with a touch of personality in service provision. The team fully understand every facet of our company which is integral for the alignment of the social media content with our strategy. The team is fun and easy to work with, delivers the service in a timely manner and consistently provides a personalised service which is key to our company. Charlotte Sant Portanier - Chief Executive Officer Healthmark Care Services Ltd

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Why video commercials that tell a story might be the right choice for your brand

When it comes to advertising, commercial videos can be one of the more impactful methods to get your message across. With a growing need for immediacy reflecting into people developing a shorter attention span, one needs to ensure that their video commercial is not lost among the many others that precede or follow it. The … Continue reading "Why video commercials that tell a story might be the right choice for your brand" read more

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