The Concept Stadium is where your brand comes to play

– with a bunch of commercial creatives.

Our marketing firm takes a boutique approach with all clients. We offer a personalised service, geared towards achieving what our clients have in mind. As Commercial Creatives, we understand the importance of being a market leader, both in terms of profit and aesthetic.

Since inception date, our Core Values and Service Proposition remain the same, namely “to continue supporting growing and start-up brands and businesses in reaching their goals”! We do this by implementing the following Goal-Scoring Tactics:

1. Offering a Boutique & Personalised approach
2. Consulting in a Professional & Transparent manner
3. Focusing on Our Unique Abilities whilst having multi-disciplinary experience
4. Responsive to Market Conditions & Contingencies
5. Remaining true to the SMART premise – Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time-Sensitive
6. Remaining closely-held, and adhering to principles of Integrity, Reliability and Responsibility”

We started as a SoHo business with one defined goal: to take clients’ concepts to completion. We’ve since grown into a multidisciplinary team of individuals who each bring their skills and capabilities to the game play.

Today, our clients include retail & consumer goods giants, independent tech & online gaming companies, international and multi-jurisdictional financial services providers, software houses, food & beverage establishments, SMEs and growing family businesses, and everything in between.

Here’s How We’ve Grown


A team of urbanites who put their creative skills and ideas in practice to generate innovative, digital and commercially-driven market activations focusing on value-added UX.

Corporate Social Responsibility

When it comes to Corporate Social Responsibility, it’s a philosophy that forms part of the heart and soul of the team at The Concept Stadium. Since our early days, we’ve been working on increasing our CSR by participating in various initiatives and projects.
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Here are the commercial creatives in person…

We’re fortunate to have a great team of people who share the same mindset, goals and most importantly, sense of humour. Everyone brings their own strength to the game and as a result, we’re able to offer a variety of top services to all our clients.

The Communication Strategists are communicators who think of go-to-market strategies as well as mapping out marketing activations with clearly-defined KPIs.

The Coordination Superstars bring everything together, from events to marketing campaigns, be them above-the-line or below-the-line.

The Conversation Starters are those who speak to (big or niche) audiences on digital platforms and social media channels ensuring such digital outreach optimization is achieved at all times by turning online numbers into followers.

The Creative Studio is composed of a team of graphic and UX designers, who come up with disruptive yet traditional concepts that make outstanding advertising campaigns, ensuring your brand stands out in a world of clutter, contributing to added client revenue.

The Coding Superheroes are those technical and web architects who put brands on the world’s biggest shop window, the Internet.

The Calculating Stars are those who ensure that budgets are the norm, not the exception; by making organization out of data and numbers.

Jonathan Dalli

Founder & CEO

Jonathan Chetcuti

Founder & Guardian Angel

(1978 – 2020)

Alessandro Caselli

Creative Director

Lorraine Borg

Head of Administration and PA to CEO

Audrey Abela

Head of Digital & Social

Rebecca Calleja

PR & Client Partner

Nicole Borg

PR, Social Media and Client Partner

Claude Mifsud

UX Developer & Head of Tech

Debbie Cassar

Social Media & Client Partner

Ramona Cauchi

Creative Studio Manager

Michał Maj

Website Designer & Developer

Lorna Sultana

Finance & Corporate Services Manager

We do it all.

From big ideas to brand campaigns, and everything in between.

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