Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility is a philosophy that forms part of the heart and soul of the team at The Concept Stadium. Since our early days we have been working on increasing our CSR efforts, both within the team as well as by participating in and proposing (to clients and prospects) various initiatives and projects.

Some of our CSR efforts to date include providing marketing support for Junior Chamber International, sponsoring a child’s education in Kenya since 2014, helping in the kitchen of Dar Tal-Providenza, joining a CSR initiative at St Joseph Home, organising activities for children from the Ursuline Sisters’ Creche, rebranding a business network, collecting items for a Food Drive, volunteering during major local telethons and national events like the Games of the Small States of Europe and more.

We also believe that we have the power to positively influence other companies, in particular our clients, and encourage them to also think of their Corporate Social Responsibility. We do this by either making them aware of worthy initiatives that might align with their business values and encouraging them to opt for more sustainable products and being environmentally aware, particularly when it comes to branding and merchandise items with the scope of opting for recycled materials, BPA free products etc.

Inspiring others and especially offering one’s time is something priceless. Giving is not just about donating; it’s about making a difference.

And this is because we genuinely believe that we can build additional brand equity by being socially responsible.