Alessandro Caselli

Vintage Vespa Passionate
Brand Director

The one who makes your brand stand out in a world of clutter

Alessandro is a seasoned Graphic Designer (it’s most probably pepper and oregano), with priceless knowledge of printing & digital production and creative processes. He’s been in the business for nearly 2 decades, so he knows his stuff.

After pursuing his studies at the MCAST Institute of Art and Design, where he obtained a Higher National Diploma in Graphic Design, he joined a leading creative marketing agency in Malta, where he became Creative Director.

Working for blue chip companies in both local and international markets, he’s created some of Malta’s most well known brand identities, marketing campaigns and corporate engagements using digital and integrated marketing channels.
He specialises in Branding and Identity, Graphics and Concept Design, Advertising, Art/Creative Direction, Web Design and Social Media.

In May 2017 he joined the Concept Stadium, where he forms part of the creative team as our full-time Creative Director and part-time funny man.

q&a with Alessandro

People think I Only click, click and ⌘C & ⌘V, click, click… What I really do is Design brands and enjoy life. I do what I love best and give importance only to what really matters. If I could have one superpower It would be teleportation.

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