Amii Camilleri

Photography Enthusiast
Graphic Designer

The one who manages our brand and clients’ public image.

A 23 year old dog lover and photography enthusiast. With some (read: a lot of) coffee, and music, Amii creates her designs.

Amii graduated from MCAST’s Institute for the Creative Arts in December 2018, where she studied for a bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design, following her extended diploma in Creative Media in 2015, giving her a new found love for photography and videography. The next step of her career led her to a marketing and design agency and subsequently to one of the Big 4 audit companies. She joined The Concept Stadium as a graphic designer in 2019.

Amii’s work is based on modern and stylish trends, and minimalistic approaches. Yet she’s also up to trying out new styles, and up to any challenge. She’s also really into music, food, travelling, architecture, interior design, as well as quintessentially girly things like fashion, and makeup.

Amii is also heavily inspired by artists like Stefan Sagmeister, Cate Parr, Man Ray, Cyla Costa and photographer Sally Mann.

q&a with Amii

People think I Wave my magic mouse around and come up with a concept within seconds. What I really do is Wave my magic mouse around for hours and come up with a concept. If I could have one superpower Definitely the ability to fly whenever I can to the Maldives to sip Mojitos.

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