Audrey Abela

Head of Client Partners

The one who steers client success through a blend of creativity and data-driven expertise.

Audrey joined The Concept Stadium in 2018 as a Client Partner, after 12 years working at a leading agency in Malta. She started off as part of the marketing team which propelled her to further develop her skills and knowledge in the digital marketing arena. This allowed her to further merge her creative flair with her passion for data-driven marketing to push brands in the ever-changing online world.

Subsequently, she moved on to leading the Digital & Social Client Partners team leading them to provide the best service to all of our clients. Now, Audrey heads the full Client Partners team, focusing on a variety of services offered including marketing strategy, social media management, digital marketing, corporate communications, and overall marketing communications, for the company’s growing portfolio of clients.

q&a with Audrey

People think I Spend my day on social media. What I really do is Use marketing channels and data to bring people and brands together. If I could have one superpower It would be to read minds.

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