Claude Mifsud

Athletic Geek
Chief Operations Officer

The one who drives technological innovation and operational excellence.

A tech enthusiast from a young age, Claude’s passion for experimenting with technology and inclination for captivating designs have been the driving forces behind his career.

During his academic journey at the University of Malta, he ventured into the realm of Human Language Technology, further fueling his fascination with the digital world.

Claude has been the go-to expert for all things tech-related, with an impressive knack for troubleshooting and repairs. What sets him apart is his ability to not just fix the issues but also enhance the offering.

Joining The Concept Stadium in July 2015, he seamlessly blended technology with creativity, specialising in web design and development. His journey has been a remarkable fusion of innovation and artistry, laying the foundation for his new role as Chief Operations Officer.

As the Chief Operations Officer, Claude is the keystone of our operational excellence. In this role, he leads the intricate coordination of our digital initiatives, ensuring that every project and process aligns seamlessly with our organisational goals. Claude’s keen eye for technological innovation and his flair for creative solutions make him a great influence in steering our company towards even greater heights.

q&a with Claude

People think I Have a magical button under the desk that instantly solves all issues with a single push. What I really do is Streamline and optimise our company's operations for maximum efficiency and growth. If I could have one superpower It would be to time travel, not just to witness history but to anticipate and adapt to future trends in technology and business.

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