Debbie Cassar

Social Media & Client Partner

The one who thinks of marketing activations day and night.

Deborah (or better known as Debbie) joined the Concept Stadium team in 2019. After graduating from MCAST’s Institute of Business and Commerce, her journey to marketing adventures followed. With 5 years’ experience within the fashion retail industry, her next step was to bring her diverse ideas to a marketing agency.

Her biggest passion is reading crime, romance and fantasy novels, but her nose isn’t always stuck in a book. She comes up for air to watch a good movie or TV series, eat carbs and for the occasional work out session.

q&a with Debbie

People think I Scroll and stalk people endlessly through social media. What I really do is Come up with innovative concepts which later are implemented on their digital platforms. If I could have one superpower It would be to fly to enjoy free traveling and endless sunset views.

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