Janine Brincat

Sun Seeker
PR & Corporate Communications Client Partner

The one that can plan, execute and manage local and international advertising campaigns that will put a spotlight on your brand.

Janine Brincat graduated with a Bachelors (Honours) Degree in Communications at the University of Malta in 2003. Following her graduation, she worked with a leading Marketing Agency as a Senior Account Manager for 8 years where she planned and executed several prominent local and international advertising campaigns in various sectors, including Food and Beverage industry, Telecommunications, as well as IT Industry. She then worked for an Email Marketing company for 6 years where she focused on Backup and Security Software products. Her work consisted in managing the Group’s email campaign schedule, including creative requests, set-up, testing, deployment and monitoring of email delivery. She also was responsible for analysing email performance and reporting to enhance the Company’s marketing strategy.

In her free time, Janine enjoys spending time out in the sun with her family, playing tennis with friends, travelling and shopping. She also enjoys her “me time” by watching a good series or film on Netflix after the kids go to bed.

q&a with Janine

People think I Spend my day browsing through Facebook. What I really do is Work on various projects ensuring that everything is executed successfully. If I could have one superpower To have all the house chores done with a snap of a finger.

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