Kyle Mintoff

Lemon Eater
PR & Marketing Client Partner

The one who monitors media channels for any coverage our clients get

After joining The Concept Stadium as an intern in 2015 where he fulfilled an Admin Support role, Kyle went on to continue his studies graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in International Business Administration at Middlesex University. As of 2021, Kyle returned to The Concept Stadium and joined the PR & Admin team as a Junior PR Researcher & Support Executive.

If you’ve ever wondered why the sky is blue not green, Kyle is your go-to person as he is well-versed in all things general knowledge… you’ll definitely want him on your team in a trivia game.

When he’s not working, you’ll find Kyle either playing video games, somewhere on an adventure, or you might not find him at all.

q&a with Kyle

People think I Spend my day reading newspapers. What I really do is Take and archive clippings of anything published that is relevant to us and our clients, which I then use to compile reports, facilitating performance analysis for the clients. If I could have one superpower It would be telekinesis.

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