Leah Fenech

Travel Enthusiast
Digital & Social Client Partner

The one who makes your social media presence cool and GenZ friendly!

Leah is led by a growing fascination by social media and its impact on businesses and human behaviour. This brought her to graduate with a master’s degree in Digital Marketing and Strategic Management. While studying in University, Leah gained marketing experience by working with the Malta International Airport’s Marketing and Communications Department.

Apart from her passion for Marketing, Leah is passionate about music and in fact, she studied and played the piano for 10 years. She also loves travelling and exploring new countries, cultures and most importantly, different cuisines.

q&a with Leah

People think I Spend my day looking at Facebook & Instagram and then MAYBE post a photo or two. What I really do is Come up with fun & creative digital content that will ultimately deliver the client’s desired business results. If I could have one superpower Definitely teleportation.

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