Lorraine Borg

Head of Brand & Culture
Executive Assistant to CEO

The one who is the natural go-to at the Concept Stadium office, and everything in between.

Lorraine joined the Concept Stadium in 2014. She’s one of the original players and is an integral part of the team.

After obtaining her Degree in Graphic Design and Interactive Media, she joined the Creative Studio team as a Graphic Designer. Four years later, she was entrusted with managing the Unilever account, one of the Concept Stadium’s key international clients. This enabled her to juggle both the demands of managing an account, yet monitoring designs based on a simple Call-to-Action.

Besides being a Client Partner, Lorraine also manages the general administration of the Company including Brand Communications and is the Personal Assistant to the CEO.

q&a with Lorraine

People think I Spend my day pressing some keys, making a few calls and have friendly conversations with my clients. What I really do is Analyse the market to suggest and implement the most effective way of how the client’s product or service can reach the consumer / buyer. If I could have one superpower It would be to tele-transport!

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