Luke Soler

Self-Proclaimed Engineer
Assistant Creative Studio Manager

The one who tries to fix everything (and everyone)

A thinker and a tinkerer, Luke is a problem solver by nature and an artist by trade. He is keen to discover the “how?” and “why?” of anything he touches… Then, tries to make it better. This curious nature blossomed a fondness for technology, engineering, and science. In fact, in his free time you will most likely find him updating his home entertainment setup, tinkering on his classic car, or looking up even more useless information about general relativity.

When it comes to the arts, Luke illustrates, animates, photographs, and even has a hand in music as a drummer. He graduated with a Degree in Graphic Design and Interactive Media in 2015 and joined The Concept Stadium as a Senior Graphic Designer in 2021. Since his first job in 2013, he has gained experience in print, digital and web.

q&a with Luke

People think I Sit and draw all day What I really do is Solve clients' design problems with a creative flair If I could have one superpower It would be to freeze time

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