Malcolm Ricci

Curious about all things
Senior Audio-Visual Creative Designer

The one who takes your motion graphics campaigns to the next level.

Malcolm has been working as a motion designer in the marketing and advertising industry for the past 13 years. He graduated from University with an (Hons.) degree in English Literature, and this has helped him profoundly when it comes to conceptualising ideas for an animated video, as well as writing scripts and social media content.

He learned motion design via various online courses and tutorials over the years, as he believes that one should never stop learning and that anything is possible with the right mindset. Malcolm’s mantra is ‘Curious about all things’, as he tries to take an interest in anything and everything, with the belief that creativity and mental elasticity are fed through learning new things every day, especially if they are completely unrelated.

Apart from motion design, Malcolm also creates chilli chutneys and jams on the side, having started a company called Filfla Chilli Co. This was created due to his passion for anything culinary, as well as his passion for chillies and anything spice. Another factor for his drive and passion for this is that he gets to spend time away from the computer or screen and gets to work with his hands to prepare the various recipes that Filfla Chilli Co. offer.

Malcolm also loves the outdoors, adventure, sports, travelling, food, culture, reading and spending as much time experiencing all of the above and life in general with his wife.

q&a with Malcolm

People think I Spend all day browsing the internet. What I really do is Allow my mind to brew, conceptualise and formulate an action plan for the next animation project. If I could have one superpower I would want to be able to time-travel to anywhere in history or in the universe.

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