Mireille Cordina

Marvel Movie Fan
Digital & Social Client Partner

The one who pushes your brand through digital channels and engages the right target audience

Mireille brings over 15 years of marketing experience to the table, most of which were spent in the fast-paced environment of an agency. As the digital realm took centre stage, she plunged into the world of digital marketing, and it’s safe to say that she hasn’t looked back since. Mireille loves to meet new faces, connect with like-minded professionals, and build lasting relationships. Above all, she is determined to help clients spread their brand far and wide. In her free time Mireille loves to spend time with her son and husband doing anything from playing with Lego toys to playing PlayStation or swimming. She enjoys to travel especially to Italy where she would revisit over and over again! Whenever she gets the chance, she also loves cooking and entertaining for friends and family.

q&a with Mireille

People think I Am some super techy person because I handle digital marketing, or that I love taking selfies and being visible on social media! What I really do is Help clients talk to their customers. I find the best method to communicate their message to the right audience using the right platform. If I could have one superpower it would be The ability to camouflage or move things with my mind

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