Ramona Cauchi

Mickey-Mouse Believer
Creative Studio Manager

The one who designs collateral for added client revenue

Ramona began her studies at the Art & Design Centre in Valletta, where she graduated in Industrial Design. After not finding the ideal job in that field, Ramona moved on to the hospitality industry for some years.

Later she attended the MCAST Art & Design Institute, graduating with a Higher National Diploma in Graphic Design and thereafter landed a job with one of Malta’s leading advertising agencies. This resulted in 9 years of experience in the field.
In 2017, Ramona joined the Concept Stadium team, bringing fresh and quirky ideas to the Studio, along with a drawer full of chocolate.

q&a with Ramona

People think I Draw and create artworks at the touch of a button. What I really do is Brainstorm & research on how to come up with innovative & original ideas to meet clients’ expectations. If I could have one superpower It would be to be fearless.

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