Rebecca Calleja

Summer Addict
Chief Commercial Officer

The one who crafts brand triumph through strategic brilliance and client-focused leadership.

Rebecca comes from an impressive 20+ year tenure in marketing, starting off with working in a leading marketing agency in Malta, followed by 7 years in the corporate, software, and IT industry. She joined The Concept Stadium in January 2020, and has since progressed from a PR Executive, to Head of PR and Communications, to then progressing her current role as Chief Commercial Officer.

Throughout the years, Rebecca has managed some of the most renowned local and international corporates and brands, from banking to software as well as retail, in both B2B and B2C environments. She has headed both local and international trade shows and events, corporate communications, and CSR initiatives amongst others.

Rebecca’s strengths lie in bridging client and company goals. She has a passion for providing the highest level of customer satisfaction, ensuring that our clients are well-serviced and equipped to lead in their respective markets, whilst future-proofing the company for further growth. She also embraces our people-first value, and her growing successful team is a testament to this.

Rebecca’s portfolio of responsibilities at The Concept Stadium now include Client Relationship Management, Strategy as well as Business Development & Client Acquisition.

q&a with Rebecca

People think I Spend my day in meetings… which is partly true! Most of my day involves customer and team interactions which is what I enjoy most about my role. It is people that drive our business forward and I am lucky to work with some of the most inspiring people in this industry. What I really do is Balance our client goals with our company objectives, and ensure we continue to grow and expand to continue helping our clients succeed in their respective markets. If I could have one superpower It would be to control time, slow it down, and get to enjoy more of my daughters as they grow.

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