Sharon Craig

Photography Enthusiast
PR & Corporate Communications Client Partner

The one who uses her admiration towards brands with a meaning and a purpose to enrich their brand narrative and journeys.

Having worked in the field of Marketing & Brand Communications for various years in the Telecommunications and Financial Services Industries, Sharon has gained experience through various roles from managing and executing ATL commercial campaigns to the re-positioning of multiple sub-brands working with different and sometimes challenging resources. Throughout her career, she was given the opportunity to continuously question, learn, discover and experiment with innovative ways of working. These opportunities have been beneficial to sharpening and strengthening her communication skills which over the years have enabled her to take forward and manage various projects successfully.

Sharon tends to gravitate towards brands which have a meaning and a purpose and fascinated by brand narratives and journeys. Over the years she had the opportunity to work with international and local brands which have been an inspiration and a privilege to be part of. She enjoys all forms of artistic expression with a particular ‘soft spot’ for photography in black and white. Being curious and always yearning to discover more she loves to travel and experience different cultures and taking in all the sights, sounds and smells. She considers getting absorbed in a really good book as both a pleasure and a luxury. She prefers baking to cooking but she appreciates the good food!

q&a with Sharon

People think I Spend all my time on my laptop and phone. What I really do is Read. Analyse. Action. I work on communicating with internal and external stakeholders on various projects ensuring we deliver value whilst adhering to timelines. If I could have one superpower It would be being able to revisit defining moments in my life.

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