Siobhan Vassallo

Music Nerd
Senior Creative Designer

The one who loves all things creative

Siobhan (affectionately nicknamed Xiv) is a Digital Arts graduate. She joined The Concept Stadium in early 2023 with a few odd years of agency experience already under her belt and the enthusiasm for many more to come. Though happily working as an all-round creative, she is most excited by typography, branding, and editorial design.

By night, Siobhan is a pianist, musician, and professional music nerd. Her favourite things are typically yellow.

q&a with Siobhan

People think I Draw pictures all day. What I really do is Avoid drawing at all costs, and instead figure out alternative digital solutions that are functional, beautiful, and to my clients’ satisfaction. If I could have one super power it would be Tap dancing. Or telepathy. Wait, I pick telepathy!

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