Stephanie Montebello

Dog Person
Creative Designer & Video Editor

The one who brings raw footage to life.

Stephanie Montebello’s passion in art bloomed naturally with early artistic exposure and inspiration by her father, a videography and photography enthusiast. Her true fascination for cameras though was sparked at the age of 11, when her father intervened once more and gifted her with her first camera. Since then, that same excitement flows through her with every touch of a camera and shines clearly through her work.

Artistically, Stephanie thrives because of her deep admiration for cinematography, with a special appreciation for experimental films. Her creations toy with the audience’s imagination, spurring a use of one’s own creative interpretation to arrive at revealing conclusions. Intertwined with her creative input behind the camera is her great enthusiasm for video editing – approaching it as an invisible art or unspoken language of moving image.

q&a with Stephanie

People think I Shoot a video, edit it and then it’s done. What I really do is Set myself on a research journey, set out a storyboard and then a shot list and script, filming and editing that takes in consideration all the elements that will make a video worth watching. If I could have one super power it would be to live a life of eternal youth.

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