Yanica Aquilina

Nature & Animal Lover
Digital & Social Client Partner

The one who can add freshness to your brands' social media and digital strategies.

Yanica has recently graduated with a Master of Science in Digital Marketing and Strategic Management from the University of Malta. She joined The Concept Stadium in 2023 soon after concluding her Master Degree. She describes herself as creative and artistic, however she also data-driven and fascinated by strategy.

She loves to be outdoors and exploring the natural wonders of the world. Her dream is to go on a safari trip other than that on iOS.

q&a with Yanica

People think I Scroll through social media all day and type a few words. What I really do is Deliver the brand’s message to the target audience in a creative and strategic way using digital marketing channels. If I could have one superpower I would create a clone of myself to be in two places at once.

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