Help me build an outdoor court in Ethiopia and name it after Jon!


On the start of every year, I always jot down 3 milestones; a Personal Milestone; a Corporate Milestone and a Family Milestone.

This year’s Personal Milestone is a special one, inspired by the motto #AllWeHaveIsTime; as well as a beautiful comment on the tribute we had organised to commemorate Jonathan’s passing 21 months ago.

“There are those who fill a room with their smile and positive energy. There are those who fill our lives with kindness, calm and compassion. There are those who look at challenge in the eye with fortitude and resilience.”

Last year we kicked off The Jonathan Chetcuti Program, for the love of sport. The above words inspired me to continue this journey, for the love of life, to continue honouring Jon as a child of light with beautiful attributes; all of which should continue to inspire us to be better.

Taking it further, through my trek, I’m committed to raise funds to construct an outdoor playground / sport facility for the kids; and name it after Jonathan. We’ve sourced out equipment, ranging from slides to goal posts; and we can’t wait to get going.

I’m aware that this event will involve physical and personal sacrifice. Embracing this fact, I am however determined to ensure that these kids will enjoy these facilities and the great outdoors; something Jon did throughout his beautiful life.

Whilst I invite you to be part of this 60-day countdown, stay tuned for a number of initiatives until I put my walking shoes on and get cracking!

Thank you,