Hi there!

The Concept Stadium has just turned 13 and I could not let the month go by without thanking you for being part of our ongoing journey and believing in what our Creative Marketing Agency has to offer.

13 years ago, Jonathan Chetcuti and I embarked on a journey to pursue a business dream of ours. I can proudly say that this dream came true and now, 13 years later, it continues to grow and live on. Just like any other business concern, we have had highs and lows, but one main thing that keeps us going is our people who truly put their hearts into the work that they do, who aim to bring other people’s dreams to life, and who strive towards growth and success.

13 years of business do not come without several learning opportunities, and I would like to use this space to share 13 things we learned throughout this most rewarding journey.

Year 1: To achieve a dream, you need to start working towards it by fully believing in what “could be”.

Year 2: Any beginning comes with a lot of trial and error. There will be stumbling blocks, but the glass is always half full. Always.

Year 3: The paperwork might be heavy, but the end goal makes it all worth it (Ten years after I ask, have I mastered Evernote?! Hmmmm).

Year 4: Every business that wants to expand and evolve needs a space to call home.

Year 5: Growth in business needs to be supported by a growth in team members, their talents, their capabilities and most importantly, their wellbeing.

Year 6: It is extremely important for a business to give back to its community and fulfill its Corporate Social Responsibility. There’s still so much we have to do here…

Year 7: To gain client trust, you need to ensure that your business has high-quality standards in place.

Year 8: If you want to establish your business as a leader within the industry you need to be willing to be humble, be of service and constantly share your knowledge.

Year 9: For a business to remain relevant, it needs to understand when it is time to re-fresh itself.

Year 10: Sometimes you are going to suffer losses much greater than you were prepared for, the important part is that you do all it takes to push yourself through difficult times.

Year 11: Never stop identifying ways to give back to the community. No dream is too small, and no mission is unachievable if you put your mind, body, and soul into it.

Year 12: Business success depends on every individual member of any team; therefore, it is important to ensure that team members feel valued, supported, and feel more than just a number.

Year 13: Make sure to celebrate the wins and acknowledge the challenges faced.

All these learnings enable us to serve you, our clients and partners, and add value to the work that we do so that through our dream we can continue to support yours. We look forward for what the next 13 years will bring along with them.

Onwards and upwards!

Keep shining,