by Ramona Cauchi, Creative Studio Manager

How do you know if you have a strong brand identity? Simple – when something as simple as colour or a font becomes your business trademark, then you might have the answer. Your logo is one of the distinguisable marks to aid your brand recognition. As a branding agency, we truly value the significant details like colours and fonts and how big an impact they can have on the brand of a company.

Colour Branding – A primary and a secondary colour palette is of utmost importance, with research showing that colour increases brand recognition by up to 80%. Think of big brands like Tiffany & Co. and Vodafone. What comes to mind automatically when you think of these brands? Their colour! Blue and red respectively. Colours chosen need to be memorable and recognisable; but in addition should also be aligned with your customer expectations. When choosing a colour, it is imperative that you match it with your tone of voice, your brand promise and your mission statement. Consistency is key and the more you use the same colours the more your customers will recognise your brand.

Branding with Type – Brand fonts are another important element for a brand identity or mark. Is there a best practice or rule-of-thumb when pairing brand fonts? Yes – contrast, contrast, contrast! This can be achieved by mixing font categories, weights and size; making them more noticeable. If you decide to go for an accent font, think of when you will be using the font again as some fonts such as scripts and decorative fonts make great accent fonts and if used carefully, they can attract more attention to your brand!

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