By Mireille Cordina, Digital & Social Client Partner


There is an overload of content out there. So how can you stand out? SEO’s core idea is right in the title, ultimately, you need to be searchable, and what you are searchable for needs to be optimised. It needs to be effective, efficient & functional.

Let’s take a look at SEO from a building block perspective.

Keyword Analysis and Research

Keyword analysis and research are fundamentally the most important parts of building your online presence—it is the base of your building blocks and by finding the right keywords, you set the foundation for your entire SEO strategy.

Defining Your Audience

Secondly, who do you want to attract and most importantly, what are they looking for? Knowing what you want to stand out for and what people are searching for is crucial. This is the next block in your foundation.

Implementing the Keywords

Once you discover the right keywords and audience, it’s time to insert them across your website. These keywords guide Google’s tiny crawlers (imagine little robots searching the web), helping them understand what your company or brand is about. Think of these keywords as labels on your blocks, helping everything fit together correctly.

For instance, even images need to have text associated with them; otherwise, Google will have no clue what they’re supposed to represent. Imagine you have an image of the Eiffel Tower, alone without a name – Google will not register it. But if you have a photo of a café with the Eiffel Tower in the background, and you include an alt text like “café with the Eiffel Tower in the background,” Google recognises and correctly categorises your image.

Creating Engaging Content

This is the creative part where you get to experiment with engaging content using the keywords you’ve defined. Simply letting people know you are selling a piece of clothing is not enough—writing about trends, how to style an outfit and other topics they are searching for is what will attract them. These creative pieces are the colourful blocks that catch the eye.

Expanding Your Presence

Get yourself on third-party platforms across the web. The more visible you are, the more Google regards your website as an authority. This is like someone mentions your company and brand repeatedly at different events, people start to notice and consider your company important.

Think of this part as building a larger structure: the more blocks you have, the more impressive it looks. This is also where social media comes in. Keeping yourself active on these platforms is another way Google checks who’s out there, adding more blocks to your growing tower. Consider Google as the nosey next-door neighbour who wants to know everything about everyone.

Google: The Big Boss

Google is the big boss that decides if you get the job or not. Are you worth being on its radar? Think of it as an interview—if you do not have the fundamentals of a good website (on-page and off-page SEO, website speed, website health, etc.), if your ‘CV’ is not up to scratch, anything you could offer will be a missed opportunity and will simply not stand out. This is the block that decides if your structure is strong and well-built.

Technical Aspects

It is also important to keep in mind that there are technical issues that require attention to give your website a good SEO rating. URLs, meta tags, alt text, and all that technical lingo are essential to get the interview, but that’s only the start. Ensuring these elements are in place and optimised is critical for your SEO success. These are the final blocks that complete your masterpiece.

By following these steps, you can build a strong online presence using SEO and stand out in the crowded digital landscape. Each block, carefully placed, contributes to the strength and visibility of your online presence.

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