by Jonathan Dalli, Founder & CEO

Every business environment has an unspoken rule. You know you shouldn’t do it and you will be penalised if you do. There are no warnings granted, your name is immediately transferred to the “Black Board” and you owe everyone drinks during the next team event.

That is the fate of anyone in the Concept Stadium team who refers to our firm as an “Agency”. That is how much we hate it. And we don’t just hate, to hate it. We hate it because it goes against our philosophy.

You see, there’s a reason why we love the sports concept so much around here. It’s because it mirrors the way we come together as a team to devise a game plan specifically for each client, and for each of their brands differently in a unique and boutique way.

We don’t have some magic rate card which has all the answers, tucked away in a drawer waiting to be thrown at any client requesting our help in their marketing, branding, design or web & digital efforts. Instead, we promise our clients efficiency, a personal and boutique approach and ultimately, quality of service.

This is why, from Day 1, we have moved away from the industry-wide approach of one-size-fits-all standard pricing and instead prefer to quote our services based on the time we spent working on our clients’ project.

Traditionally, agencies would solely rely on advertising commission for profit. And it is very attractive for a firm to fall into it. But we are not interested in short-term commissions. Our company values, of being our clients’ Marketing Partner, are based on long-term relationships, acting as an extension to their existing teams, rather than a third party looking to make a quick buck. Thus why we sign no exclusive deals with any suppliers, be they media-houses, printers, etc. allowing the client to channel work to their preferred suppliers, should they wish.

And so, our clients can have the confidence that we are on their team. They pay us for our creativity, for our strategic approach, for our knowledge and for our experience, but they also pay us for being commercially savvy on their behalf, negotiating the best prices for them with complete transparency.