by Jeremy Pace, Senior Graphic Designer

Following my previous blog ‘Curiosity built the brand’, which touched upon the role that curiosity plays in a brand, I will now elaborate on a daring option of having a more proactive effect.

This normally involves more direct activations that more often than not are in direct contact with the audience. These usually take the form of a public installation that may or may not include interactive media (such as digital interactive screens). The location can vary also, from an aisle in a store to a local village square. Last year we were responsible for the branding and sponsorship of a beach volley ball tournament in St. George’s Square, during which we invited the public to take part in engaging competitions that contributed to both physical footfall during the event as well as digital footfall on their social media channels.

No matter the location or the nature of the activation, deciding on the direction and on how far you want to go to communicate the message is key. Many factors are at play to establish these. What is your current brand positioning? Is there a particular product or service or new development that you would like to push, or is it just a brand wide activation? Who is your audience? What is their ‘shock’ threshold? Will they be willing to interact and respond positively to the activation and ultimately, your brand?

There is a very fine line between success and failure when provoking curiosity by means of disruption. Go too far and you will lose your audience. Play it safe and the numbers might not be as rewarding, falling short of your targets and key performance indicators. Having a team that understands your brand and has experience in delivering your message to an audience is important in achieving these results.

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