by Jonathan Dalli, Founder & CEO

With the rise of technology, immediacy has become the focal point to our rushed daily lives. Digital campaigns have now become more popular as opposed to the traditional print media, and organisations have come to realize that the use of digital can generate a revenue outcome.

Digital activations are slowly replacing traditional advertising such as magazines, billboards, newspapers and so on. Digital activations are an online initiative that leverage audience micro targeting and intent-based strategy, in order to raise brand awareness and drive immediate leads to sales. Digital platforms such as Google AdWords, and social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Twitter are revolutionizing engagement with brands and companies alike.

The benefits of using digital activations would result in immediate results. In addition they are quick to set up, they offer real-time performance measurement, continuous campaign optimisation, substantial digital buzz and strong, quantifiable return on investment. The shift towards going digital may dishearten companies, typically engaged in traditional marketing, however, such transformation should be embraced.Other media can contribute towards going digital including outdoor, email marketing, direct marketing and so on. If you think we can help you to turn your campaign digital, speak to us.