by Josita Dalli, Client PR Partner | Brand Culture

In today’s growing buyer-empowered world, marketing has had to adapt to the times and move from a product orientation to a consumer target orientation. Event marketing has become a focal point to businesses as it allows a business to leverage in customer engagement. Such concept may be described as the face-to-face communication between the company and the customer through the promotion and expression of brand identity.

When compared to traditional advertising, event marketing focuses on targeting and identifying a specific target. It may compromise an entertainment event, a promotional event or a conference on a specific topic. Conferences have been a success story in the Maltese market, varying from various topics such as finance, innovation and environmental care. Through such conferences, various guest speakers and experts discuss the topics of interest and share their experiences and ideas to the audience.

Like most other professions in the competitive world, marketing companies should seize the opportunity and employ event marketers to market their business and that of client companies. Would you like to seize this marketing opportunity but don’t know how? As a team we employ the right strategies to suit your company, so speak to us.