by Mila Camilleri, Client Social Media Partner

When you do something repeatedly, day in and day out, holding on to your creativity can be a challenge.

In the fields of content marketing, social, branding and even event planning, being fresh and on the ball is key for success. This mojo ‘issue’ increases exponentially the more clients you have. It’s crucial to give each client original, quality work that engages with their audience and sets out to achieve whatever KPIs are in place.

So how do you keep your creative flame alive?

Have a conversation

The phrase ‘too many cooks in the kitchen spoil the broth’ doesn’t exactly apply when you need ideas. So talking to, and roping in others, whether informally or through a planned scrum session, can result in eye opening concepts that can make your life so much easier.

Go to the source

Sometimes guessing what your client wants takes so much more energy than actually asking what they have in mind. Asking for insight when it comes to what should be the focus of whatever it is you’re doing will (1) allow you to spend more time thinking about how to deliver what they want, as opposed to thinking about what it is they want in the first place, and (2) keep you in touch with your client, build a rapport and show your initiative.

Be inspired

This is easier said than done. Look out into the big, wide world (or the Internet), and go in search of inspiration that will help you to keep creating. Adapt, modify, borrow, localise – do whatever you can to get those cogs turning.

Think Laterally

Apply the concept of Divergent Thinking to whatever topic you’re dealing with. Rather than focusing on one point or solution, create multiple possibilities. This will help to spur the further development of an idea and/or give you more to work with in the months to come. All you need is that one ‘ah-ha’ moment.

Take a break

When you’re so wrapped up in something that you develop a mental block, stop. Sleep on it, go for a walk, listen to music, have a sugar break, change your environment. Whatever you need to do to take your mind off the issue. Time may not make the heart grow fonder, but it will give you another angle at which to take on the topic.

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