by Jonathan Dalli, CEO and Founder

Lessons from the 1st wave podcast

Our CEO and Founder, Jonathan Dalli, had participated in a podcast about why brands should keep speaking to consumers during a pandemic such as Covid-19.

You can also listen to the podcast here.

As Covid-19 hit the Maltese islands, all companies have been put to the challenge of remote working, contactless communications and most importantly ensuring the sustainability of their business. Like many, we’ve had to look towards maximising the use of technology in order to better manage our operations, with the entire team working from home, and become evermore agile and responsive to clients in such circumstances.

We’ve helped businesses to adjust their marketing comms, re-direct their distrubition channels to online facilities, and ensure an ROI even during these periods. Here’s our take on how brands should adjust their tone…

Embrace Technology

As a marketing agency that specialises in digital and web, besides the more traditional marketing channels, we’ve seen businesses both flourish, in particular those who embraced technology, as well as those who struggled, to quickly turn around their main source of revenue from the physical environment to the online space. It’s the survival of the fittest with those quick to embrace technology coming out as winners. From online retail shops, to virtual conferences and learning programmes, there’s very little that cannot be adapted online nowadays.

Continue to Talk to your Customers

Brands must continue to talk to consumers during this period, albeit in the different tone. Be sensitive and show your caring side in your comms. Think of ways in which your product or service can help customers get past these difficult moments they are facing. Spread love and provide reassurance that better days will follow. Stay connected, and your customers will remain loyal to you.

Stay Relevant

Brands need to remain present and relevant to their audiences. Show your audience that your brand has a personality, and that you’re living in the same present as them. Change your methods of selling to online activations and calls-to-action, make it easier for customers to access your products or services from the safety of their home, and if you can’t do that, look at ways of helping the community through CSR initiatives. Take a step back, make your brand more human than ever before, and ask “How can my brand help the community get through this?”.

Positively Turn an Economic Downturn into an Opportunity

The best entrepreneurs look at any economic downtime as an opportunity to stand out from the crowd and look for new opportunities as the market becomes fertile ground to gain new market share. If you’re thinking in terms of ROI, you are speaking to an audience now in the hope of getting your return on investment in the very near future.

Plan your Strategy as the Economy Recovers

As restrictive measures are lifted, and the economy begins to recover, the biggest mistake would be for brands to start communicating as if Covid-19 never got here. Show your audience that your brand has lived through these times with them, and think of how the brand can provide sustainability to the customer, family or business entity.

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