by Jonathan Chetcuti, Founder & COO

It is not rocket science to understand that clients need to see that a brand-building effort is leading to a revenue outcome. As more brands move their budgets to digital, it is becoming more possible for marketing professionals to measure performance – and let’s face it, everything has become about data and performance in the digital world.

Behavioural data that can provide us with information that help us build creative briefs, persona profiles and areas of focus. Online interactions i.e. the number of likes, shares and comments on a post, as well as the amount of time spent on it, tell a great deal about a consumers’ satisfaction or dissonance with a particular brand. We then match that information to data from campaigns run on Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and other social channels.

After combining such information, one can then target consumers with the right message (sale), in the right place, when they are most receptive.Simply put, it is about using what we’re seeing in the marketplace to drive tangible performance outcome for clients.

This method thus turns influencer content into ads, driving the interested client to the brand to seal the deal. In this regard, one uses content as a vehicle to measure the clients’ relationship with a brand, and ties that back to a purchase.

Analysing online interactions thus helps clients organise their data, fill in the gaps and redesign go-to-market strategies. If you think we can help you match data with solutions, speak to us.