by Nicole Borg, PR, Social Media and Client Partner

Following over a year with Covid-19 among us, the past months have seen humanity breathe a sigh of relief following the production of several effective vaccines. But ensuring the availability of these vaccines is not enough. The ball is our court to ensure everyone gets the jab and protect ourselves and our loved ones. Our team is extremely proud to see how in just a few months, thanks to the cooperations of hundreds of thousands of people, Malta can say it has achieved herd immunity!

The Concept Stadium has been encouraging both its clients as well as team members to get vaccinated or giving them a pat on the back for having already taken the jab through a tasty gift. Believing that all those who get the jab deserve a reward, The Concept Stadium has distributed mini gin kits for all to enjoy.

Our Commercial Creatives got together to assemble the kits themselves following several months of working from home, of course, while respecting social distancing practices. A small step to breathing life into our studio and offices in Naxxar.


Gin Kit Idea Generation

The idea behind this gift came about following a discussion over the Holiday Season on how our team over at The Concept Stadium could encourage people to take the vaccine, or else congratulate those who already took the jab. Being a team of gin lovers, the go-to gift was to opt for a gin kit to make infused gin and to use a syringe as the container to give your gin that infused kick!

The title of the gift, “Keep Your Gin Up” is a play on words on the famous phrase “keep your chin up”, a phrase normally used to encourage people to remain cheerful in difficult times. Along the same lines, with this gift we wanted to encourage as many people as possible to stay hopeful that better days are at arm’s reach.

Commercial Creatives at work

Putting together the boxes was a fun way for our team to get together, following several months of working from home or on a roster basis. The team had been eagerly waiting for a small team-building session in a physical space, and assembling these kits served as the perfect way to start. With masks on and in a socially distanced setting, the team filled in glass flasks with pepper corns, juniper berries and thyme, placed a bottle of Gin and a syringe in each box, and added in a printed-out step-by-step guide on how to make your own infused Gin.

Then it was time for deliveries…

Following several months of being confined to mostly online meetings, our Commercial Creatives took the opportunity to catch up with their esteemed clients face-to-face, albeit for a few minutes, to hand over this little gift prepared with love and care. And to say hi! Or have a quick coffee together!

Messages of thanks poured in!

Following these deliveries, our esteemed clients flooded us with messages of thanks and ensuring us that they too will be taking the vaccine. Some even went as far as telling us their vaccine appointment dates or how their team is now either fully vaccinated or soon to be fully vaccinated.

Make your own infused Gin in 3 easy steps, and Drink Responsibly!