by Nicole Borg

Following rolling out its Creator Mode last year, LinkedIn has been looking into ways through which it could make the platform more user friendly and useful for creators. In fact, just at the end of March, LinkedIn announced several other features that only aim to empower creators on the platform.


For those unfamiliar with LinkedIn, or still getting used to using it from a creator’s point of view, the Creator Mode introduced by LinkedIn last year is essentially a profile setting on one’s dashboard, allowing them to grow their reach on the platform. By turning on this Creator Mode, one can access several tools and features that aid in content creation and audience growth. For instance, the topics you usually post about on your profile can be added as hashtags on your profile introduction making it easier for people to find and follow you.


Since then, LinkedIn reported that more than 5.5 million people around the world turned on the feature. Just in the past year, there was a 50% increase in people following profiles of individuals that had the Creator Mode on. Furthermore, in the last year, there was also a 30% increase in the engagement on content created by people with the creator mode turned on. This continues to add on to the fact that LinkedIn is growing in popularity especially for those seeking professional and enriching content created by successful entrepreneurs and thought leaders.


With the aim of empowering creators, LinkedIn continued to add more features and tools to its Creator Mode. The new tools include:


  • New Creator Analytics: Showcasing total impression numbers and engagement statistics among other functions allowing a creator to see what’s working for them and how they can improve their content strategy. In the coming months, LinkedIn will also roll out additional insights and analytics to help facilitate this process.
  • Improved individual post analytics: While individual users have always been able to see analytics on their posts, now they have access to a new level of detail through an analytics summary page as well as in-depth data like impressions and shares for all post types, whether it’s an article, video or text post.
  • New Content Alerts: Followers can choose to receive a notification from a Creator as soon as they post something new by hitting the “subscribe bell” located at the top of the profile.
  • New Profile Video Tools: Videos have long been hailed as the best way to attract people towards your content, and LinkedIn is also showcasing this importance through its tools. In fact, Creators are now able to see prompts to help inspire on what to share as well as how many people viewed a Additionally, a Profile Video ring will be showcased in the feed and search so people can easily learn more about the Creator and follow their updates.
  • Feature Your Newsletter: LinkedIn has also been allowing newsletter publishing on its platform. Since last year, it has in fact seen a thrilling 625% increase in the number of newsletters being published on LinkedIn and an 89% increase in subscriptions to newsletters around the world.


This mode is perfect particularly for those individuals who use LinkedIn avidly through their personal profile and want to grow and establish themselves further via the platform. It lies as an inbetween having a Business Page and having a profile. It allows you to keep all the content you shared in the past on your profile without the need to create a separate page for your business idea or profession.


What are the major differences between a normal LinkedIn profile and a LinkedIn Profile with Creator Mode on?


Normal Profile Creator Mode
Connect Button Follow Button
Connections count up to 500 displaying “500+ Connections” Follower count displayed in full
No hashtags on main profile Allows you to select 5 hashtags that showcase the topics you speak about via your profile
The first thing you see is one’s headline and About section The first thing you see is the featured content and activity section
Brief Analytics on post Analytics of your posts compiled in one tidy report

When should you truly consider Creator Mode for your LinkedIn Profile?


Not everything is for everyone, we understand that. Therefore, before deciding to switch to Creator Mode make sure it is the right tool for you. The feature is being made specifically for those LinkedIn users that aim to generate unique content to their profile as well as share such content frequently with their followers. Therefore, unless you have a good network base already or a content strategy implemented and the willingness to follow it through, you might want to give your LinkedIn profile some TLC – but we will tell you all about that through upcoming posts and blogs!


Finally, let explain how to actually activate the Creator Mode on LinkedIn


If after reading all of this, you are convinced that Creator Mode is for you, then follow the steps below to switch it on:


  1. Go onto your personal LinkedIn Profile
  2. Go to Resources Section
  3. Click on the word “Off” next to Creator Mode
  4. You will then get a window that explains the changes that will affect your profile
  5. Click “Next”
  6. Now you can add between 1 and 5 hashtags referring to the content one would typically find on your profile
  7. Once you click save, Creator Mode would be turned on!


And if you don’t like Creator Mode, you can simply switch it off by clicking on the word “On” in the Resources Section next to Creator Mode.


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