“I love working at The Concept Stadium because it gives me the opportunity to be more than just a mum,” this is what Rebecca Calleja, Head of PR & Corporate Communications had to say when asked to tell us about her experience at The Concept Stadium.

While women officially entered the workforce back in 1890, for several years following that, they had to fight against the tide to prove themselves capable to do the job as well as a man does. Nowadays, many stereotypes have been shattered and women have a much more levelled playing field when it comes to seeking a job (although we know that there’s still more to be done to reach true equality). While in the past, mothers used to be told that their primary role is that of being the caregiver, nowadays, mothers are being empowered to go back into the workforce, while they are supported with infrastructures such as child-care services that allow both parents to not have to worry about who will take care of their children when they are at work.

Rosette Magri, Go-to-Market Client Partner at The Concept Stadium and mum to a 31-year-old daughter called Roxanne explained that back in the day when her daughter was younger, work from home opportunities were non-existing. Due to this, she had to step out of the workforce and start caring for her daughter full-time, bar for some personal projects she chose to take on that did not require the efforts and time put into full-time employment. She explained that had an opportunity to work with a company such as The Concept Stadium been possible 30 years ago, then it would have allowed her to progress faster in her career, while still caring for her daughter in the process.

The Concept Stadium offers employees the opportunity to deal with their own personal life and projects and support their family while working. This makes it easier for parents, whether mothers or fathers, to be able to care for their children. “As a Creative Marketing Agency, we want to ensure that our people have the space to balance their work and life responsibilities through incentives such as reduced hours, flexible hours, and work-from-home opportunities. Simultaneously, we pride to offer women leadership opportunities so much so that 4 out of 7 members in our Executive Committee are women. If we truly want to be relevant in today’s world, we need to make sure to provide workplaces that look beyond what limits people and focus on what enables them to succeed as parents, as team members and as humans” said Jonathan Dalli, CEO and Founder of The Concept Stadium.

“I believe that The Concept Stadium is a family-oriented company that understands the responsibilities parents have when taking care of their children or family members. Thanks to this company, I can be a mother without needing to halt my career in the process,” explained Rebecca Calleja, Head of PR & Corporate Communications. Building on, Lorraine Borg, Head of Brand & Culture, explained how The Concept Stadium offers a compassionate environment that gives mothers a “second family at the workplace.” She went on to highlight how the company gives equal opportunities to all and growth is not solely limited to those working on a full-time basis, but opportunities are given based on merit irrelevant of whether one works full time hours or not.

“As a working parent, it is important for me to find the right balance between my work and my family. The Concept Stadium provides me with this flexibility and the support I need, and this is what makes working for this company so great! It is truly an honour to be part of an organisation that also supports individual aspirations and priorities,” said Sharon Craig, PR & Corporate Communications Client Partner.

Similarly, Jelena Antic, Senior Graphic Designer, remarked how both the management and the team members understand how emergencies can crop up when you are a parent and support you when you need to be there for your family. “I appreciate greatly the genuine interest that my colleagues show for my kids, checking in with me when they are sick and supporting if in any way they could. All of this makes me truly happy to be working at The Concept Stadium,” she explained.

The Concept Stadium’s latest recruit, Janine Brincat also gave her insight on why she decided to join the company. “From day one I was offered flexibility and the option to choose my working hours, which makes it very easy for me to take care of my family. The fact that I can also work from home at least once weekly, gives me more room to truly achieve the right work-life balance I need. As a working mum I feel very accomplished working at The Concept Stadium as I have the best of both worlds – my family and my career,” she explained.

In the meantime, Rebecca went on to conclude that The Concept Stadium allows her to feel valued for her skills and capabilities. “Becoming a mother changes you overnight, and it is very easy to risk losing your identity and becoming ‘just mum’. Continuing my career, while also being a mother, allowed me to continue being me, seek what thrills me in my career and find self-value in other areas. I progressed in my career over here, while I still managed to be a mum who takes her child to a ballet or art lesson, helps with homework, prepares lunches and tucks her children in bed at night, and that is thanks to a workplace that truly values people, as people,” she concluded.

On this special day, we wish all the super mummies at The Concept Stadium a wonderful mother’s day. We appreciate and we empower you to continue excelling in work and in life.

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