by Nicole Borg, PR & Content Writing Client Partner

“The Concept Stadium understands how important it is for me to be a father to my children,” this is what Alessandro Caselli, Creative Director at The Concept Stadium had to say about his experience working at the Creative Marketing Agency while also caring for two children.

Shattering stereotypes around parenthood is an important aspect that as a society we need to really work on. While we have seen a lot of improvement when it comes to understanding the important role that a father has in the rearing of children, there is still more to be done. The days where men were seen only as the breadwinner of the family are over and therefore our communities need to make sure that men are also given the opportunity and space to be there for their children also as a caregiver.

Michael Cassar, Senior PR & Corporate Communications Client Partner, and father to two boys aged 4 and 1 explained that juggling between the demanding workload and family exigencies is an ongoing daily struggle. However, at The Concept Stadium, he found the right support and appreciation which created the ideal ecosystem to thrive professionally whilst balancing work-life expectancies. “Right from the get-go, I felt that the notion of family is something that is welcomed, encouraged, and fostered at the agency. The erratic schedule of two toddlers feels less of a burden when you know that your workplace is not only understanding but is actively supporting you as a child-rearing parent.”

Along the same lines, Alessandro Caselli, Creative Director at The Concept Stadium, remarked how important it is for him that a place of work gives attention to family values. He explained that one of the contributing factors for him to remain working at The Concept Stadium for over 7 years is that the company was always very supportive and understanding and provided the right flexibility that allowed him to also focus on the needs of his family alongside his job.

Malcolm Ricci, Senior Audio-Visual Creative Designer at The Concept Stadium mentioned how he recently became a father for the first time…of twins! “Life quickly became topsy turvy and with it, it brought a roller coaster of emotions. In fact, my wife and I took a while to get back to our senses and form some kind of routine.” He then remarked how everyone at The Concept Stadium was very understanding and flexible when it came to him having to deal with family situations, emergencies and getting things in order again. “This is something that I truly appreciate and will forever be grateful for,” he concluded.

The Concept Stadium prides itself with offering employees the opportunity to be able to work while supporting their family and pursuing personal projects. This makes it easier for parents, whether fathers or mothers, to be able to care for their children. “When I co-Founded The Concept Stadium I was not yet a father, but I knew from the get-go that I wanted our company to be one that builds its employees up, and this meant also allowing them room to be able to be there for their children, their families and themselves,” said Jonathan Dalli, CEO and Founder of The Concept Stadium. “This became even more important when I too became a father of two beautiful girls, Carla and Martina. Whenever I speak in public, I mention the need to be more than just another CEO, and to me that also reflects in the time I make for my family within the busy schedule that my role brings with it. I am proud to say that I lead a company that allows me, and all our team members to truly be there to see their children grow and find the necessary time to care for them to the best of their abilities.”

On this special day, we wish all the super dads at The Concept Stadium a wonderful Father’s Day. We appreciate and we empower you to continue excelling in work and in life.

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