by Jonathan Chetcuti, Founder & COO

Elvis might have been prophetic when he said “a little less conversation and a little more action”. That’s what 2017 is going to be all about for business.

  1. Facebook and Google will continue to dominate.

Digital advertising is set to continue growing in 2017, but this is mostly the case with Facebook and Google advertising. All other avenues are expected to subside. Invest wisely.

  1. No More Agency Media Buying

In-line with our Anti-Agency stance, marketers around the world are realising that living on agency commissions is very short-sighted. As the traditional media landscape becomes less attractive for clients, agencies are investing in the best knowledge to help clients with new media instead.

  1. Knowing My First Name is Not Personalisation

In 2017, personalisation will no longer be novel. Clients will start to expect it.  Brands need to find intelligent tools to build custom experiences for their clients, across the web, email, social media etc.

  1. All About The Journey

Assuming that every individual fits in a persona is so passé, we can’t even bare to write more than one sentence about it.  Instead, if brands truly want to understand their consumers, they must recreate the entire customer journey from content consumption, social sharing, to purchase behaviour and then some more sharing. Determine the pattern and find ways to speak to your customer, personally.

  1. Brands Become Publishing Houses

Forget about buying media spaces! Marketers have come to realise that they can be their own publishing houses by running content on their own property (websites, social media channels etc), allowing them to own their audience and their content.

Best tip of all? Do what you love, run your business and let us worry about the rest. Speak to us today.