by Jonathan Dalli, Founder & CEO

Over the past few months, we’ve used software tools to understand our email patterns, figure out what works and what doesn’t, and came up with very interesting findings.

  1. The way you end the email matters a lot

Most people sign-­off emails with ‘Best’, or ‘Best Regards’, but these often get the least responses. Boomerang helped us prove that the optimal way to close an email is by saying ‘with gratitude’. ‘Thanks in advance’ comes in a close second.

  1. Who are you again?

While we’re on the subject of email sign-­offs, let’s not forget to include real information in the email signature. It should include the basics, such as your name, phone number and title, and up to 3 social media channels to add a personal touch.

  1. Typos are still major no-nos

One would assume that in this digital media age, a typo here and there won’t harm anyone – wrong! In fact, just one typo in the subject line can decrease response rates by 15%! Interestingly, most email typos happen on Mondays, so watch out!

  1. Dear <first_name>, is not personalised communication

There are a few things in life more irritating than receiving a bulk email, even worse if all contacts are in cc. It gives the impression that the receiver is merely an entry on a spreadsheet. Whilst bulk emails are often needed, it’s best to focus on the ones who really could find the email useful, and personalise when possible.

Email remains at the core of the business world. Do you wish to speak to your customers more effectively via email?

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