by Alice Battistino, Junior Social Media and Client Partner

There are so many benefits to social media marketing for organisations and businesses. The right strategy will solidify your brand and help you reach target audiences, whilst quality content will help build a valuable community over time.

The aim is to get an audience to interact and engage with posts. Although generating a lot of content will help drive traffic, content which is well thought out is what ultimately retains audiences.

The “quality or quantity” debate has been going on for a while in the realm of social media marketing. In reality, both are very important for a business to thrive. However, each company has its own unique qualities, resources and respective goals which should determine the brand’s mix.

High-volume content will likely result in more traffic to your page because there is more of it that might catch the user’s attention. However, although it is important to drive traffic, it must be the right kind of traffic: that is actually interested in what is being promoted/sold.

That being said, posting for the sake of posting is never the way to go. The key to success is a good social media strategy. Each post, be it a carefully made video or a short status, should be thought out and planned. If something is not working, you can wind back, evaluate your posts and strategize accordingly.

Although the trend for the past few years has been to generate as much content as possible, it is better to invest your time in creating less content of better quality that will help differentiate your company. Audiences are exposed to so much on social media that producing content that stands out is extremely valuable.

It is much better to have two posts with high engagement, than five with very low engagement as you will be creating better material for your audience. The main goal of social media in a marketing strategy is to build long lasting relationships and trust with your audience. Algorithms change often and can be very tricky so it is more effective to focus on content your audience will enjoy.

Over time, social media posts contribute to the reputation of a brand, so posting a lot of content without paying attention to the value of what is being posted can cause a lot of negative impact.

High-volume, low-quality content typically loses to low-volume, high quality content. In a time where content is at such an abundance, marketers need high-quality content in order to stand out.

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