by Debbie Cassar, Client & Social Media Partner

Marketers are constantly facing changes in the marketing world, particularly when it comes to social media trends. We have been seeing the use of video rise in recent years, and we bear witness to increased engagement through video advertising and campaigns, especially on social media. The COVID-19 pandemic as well as the rise of TikTok in the last year have made the use of video even more relevant and needed today.

So why use video?

  • A moving image grabs more attention;
  • Video gives you the ability to tell a story in detail, is more versatile to showcase emotions;
  • High quality video gives a competitive edge;
  • Videos allow you opportunities to shine in the digital marketing space;
  • When it comes to creativity, the sky is the limit.

When using video to promote a service, a product or a brand the viewer can experience different journeys based on the different techniques used. Some of these techniques include:

  • POV: Showing a direct perspective of a message;
  • Vlogs: Looks less like an ad, talks to the viewer more as an ‘individual’;
  • Interviews: A more professional method to send a message from industry experts.

The style and length are also crucial, as you need to make sure that the viewer remains interested without getting bombarded with too much information. In social media, the shorter timeframe during which you can send the message across, the better. Especially, when usually prospects can easily swipe over or skip an ad.

Social media has changed the way we communicate, and the consumer with it. As marketers, we must always adapt to the trends and implement them in our strategies.  The main goal is to get people to interact with the content created, hence why videography is a great way to increase engagement. It gives you more time to influence the people’s thinking process and convince them to purchase the product or service.

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