by Jeremy Pace, Senior Graphic Designer

Millions of people worldwide tuned in last night to watch the iconic Super Bowl Sunday 51 – which let’s face it, is not just about American football. Social media is raving on Lady Gaga’s 13 minutes of explosive entertainment, and of course, the ads.

Here are out top picks.

Google: Patriotism through Diversity

An emphasis on diversity and America needing to embrace people from all backgrounds.

Budweiser: The Story of Adolphus Busch

The German immigrant who made a harrowing journey to the United States to eventually co-found the Anheuser-Busch brewing company that created Budweiser.

Airbnb – No to President Trump’s Refugee Ban

The most blatantly political commercial of Super Bowl 51.

Mr Clean – Just Plain Creepy

We have no words. Watch it and cringe.

Kia – The Eco Warrior Starring Melissa McCarthy

The funniest ad of the night. Hands down.