by Sabrina Agius and Rebecca Calleja, Client Partners

Most of us remember the times of the internet revolution that came upon us right before the beginning of The Twitter company-wide email to all staff allowing them to work from home “forever” as announced by Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey, helps us to reflect on our own big shift back in March.

As the current pandemic forces many employees to continue working from home, our company still prioritises keeping team members safe whilst maintaining a constant production flow for our clients to be able to continue to run their businesses; and minimise, as much as possible, potential disruptions to their brand and/or marketing activations.

Here are 4 take home notes from our big shift, that are still relevant 70 days after, as the world battles COVID-19.

1. Every day is “Be prepared” day

Back in February, whilst still working from our offices, we held an internal meeting to start preparing for the idea of working from home. The thought of it seemed surreal at first… but here we are!

Business continuity and preparedness is a strategy we’ve always embraced at the core. Because of the nature of our work, providing our staff the opportunity to work remotely was always on our agenda. With some staff members already based in other countries, a number of business trips, and allowing staff the flexibility to work from home in times of need, we’ve had a culture of working from anywhere from the get-go.

But let’s face it. No one was ready for this. To have entire organisations shut down physical offices completely and get organised to work entirely remotely for an indefinite period of time was a feat, even for the most prepared. From ensuring our team members have the necessary remote tools for collaboration, online calls, meetings, video conferences, not to mention security – ensuring all lines of client communication remain wide open.

2.There’s always “the upside”

As Jonathan Chetcuti always taught us, everything comes with its pros and cons. Some of the pros include increased productivity with some fantastic online tools allowing us to keep both client and internal communication going as well as keeping up the social work aspect so no one feels isolated.

We are also very happy to be contributing in minimising Malta’s carbon footprint.

3. We’re still here for you

Many businesses now need our support more than ever. Whether it’s retail or service offerings, many businesses have had to shift their distribution strategy overnight to continue to keep their revenue and staff, even with things seemingly going back to the so-called “new normal”. We get it and know how vital this is for your business.

We specialise in digital and online marketing strategies and activations; and are still more than happy to provide you with a free consultation to help re-align your business marketing plans to reflect these new times.

4. We’re in this together

During times of greatest difficulty, like this one, the best of humanity shows. Together we have the potential to meaningfully help each other and our businesses to continue to flourish, to help families who depend on us to continue to earn a living, and to help those less fortunate to get through this all.

We’re still here for you – drop us an email and we’ll be happy to share our best business advice to help nurture your best business potential. We’re just a phone call, email, or video call away.