by Germ van der Veen, Motion Graphics Designer

In such a content-cluttered digital landscape, many look out for things that stand out. One way of standing out is via motion. So, what are motion graphics?

I’m sure that many of you already know the great benefits offered from video content. And motion graphics can give you just that. By having purpose-driven videos that present information to who is watching them, through text or graphic animation; they can serve as a great platform to explain concepts and channel information that could otherwise be quite hard to explain or narrate.

Motion makes content more eye-catching and can keep viewers engaged whilst giving you the opportunity to communicate with increased detail.

So, what makes motion graphics stand out?

  • Bright and colourful to capture the attention of the viewers;
  • Can make complex ideas and data like numbers and charts much simpler to explain;
  • It can also turn un-interesting content into an enjoyable and entertaining presentation;
  • For viewers, it is much easier to understand information when they see it rather than when they read it.

Motion graphics are great because they can make a simple illustration, or a complex one for that matter, into something so much more engaging. A square is just a square, but motion graphics can turn that square into a character. This definitely why this style of video production has become so popular in the last couple of years.

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