by Alice Battistino

A Web Developer, or as we like to call them, Web Guru, is someone who can perfectly blend the handling of complicated code and the creation of aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly websites. While having technical knowledge is an incredible asset, for us at The Concept Stadium, there are other aspects that come into play when it comes to being a great Web Developer, especially when working in a fast-paced and high-powered environment such as a Creative Marketing Agency.

Why is that? Well, working at an agency can be challenging. You need to adhere to tight deadlines and last-minute requests, which makes it crucial for an individual to be patient and composed under pressure. Additionally, it is no news to say that developers will also need to be quick on their feet to understand their clients’ needs, while also being receptive to constructive feedback and finding solutions as part of a team.

Through this blog, we look into some of the qualities shared by the most successful Web Gurus out there, and the kind of skills we look for in our search to grow our Web Team further.

1) They are very detail-oriented

There is a very limited margin for error when it comes to the launch of a website. Paying close attention to small details is crucial for writing clean and error-free code. Great Web Developers pay particular attention to writing code that is self-explanatory so that it is easily understood and can be managed by any another developer should the need arise. Being detail-oriented is also an important quality to have when creating websites that are tailored to a particular brand and audience. Having a keen eye for the little things will allow for a seamless and enjoyable experience for users.

2) They are innate problem solvers

The ability to identify issues and find efficient solutions is essential in web development. When problems arise, they often present themselves as a puzzle that needs solving. This is why it is important to have an analytical mindset and an eagerness to identify the source of the problem and figure out a way around it. With confidence, the right tools, and excellent problem-solving skills, a Web Developer can come up with innovative solutions for any challenge they confront.

3) They are extremely curious

This is arguably one of the most important traits that every Web Developer should have. Staying curious and eager to learn about new technologies and trends helps developers stay up-to-date. In this day and age, technologies and media are constantly evolving and launching. Trends, what’s “in vogue” and ways of working are changing and catching on quickly, so it is crucial to always be in the know about all the latest developments in the field.

4) They are truly patient

If you are working on a puzzle but you keep missing the last piece to complete it, you can easily get frustrated, right? How many times can you search for this one missing puzzle piece in order to complete this masterpiece? Well, similarly in Web, a bug might hide in the most random parts of the code and it might take a whole lot of time and patience to identify where it is, and subsequently resolve it. Therefore, patience with tasks, teammates, and clients is essential. Debugging and troubleshooting can be time-consuming, and clients often request tweaks and changes to projects which may take a few tries before getting them just right. This all requires a lot of patience and the ability to work through challenges without losing the cool.

5) They need to have a knack for creativity

Let’s face it, code without a captivating front end will not get you far. Therefore, we believe that a Web Developer can truly call themselves a Web Guru when they manage to merge the technical world of code with the creative world of branding to bring out one cohesive, complete, and easy to use online brand presence. Do not fret, you do not need to be a Graphic Designer! In fact, most times Graphic Designers and Web Developers work hand in hand, and therefore it is important for them to understand each other’s processes to a certain degree in order for them to produce work that complements the other.

It is crucial to understand that to produce something of quality, it takes time. With practice, the right support, and the right mindset, one can develop and improve these traits. Here at The Concept Stadium, we make it our mission to offer our team the right guidance and facilitate their professional and personal growth by supporting them in any way that we can such as:

  • Scheduling regular team meetings where we discuss tasks, deadlines, and any difficulties members might have;
  • Always encouraging our team to voice their ideas;
  • Sponsoring training related to furthering education in the field;
  • Organising Annual performance reviews aimed to create one’s growth path within the team.

A Web Developer with the right curiosity, drive, and patience is a valued resource in any organisation. At The Concept Stadium, we embrace these qualities daily. Sounds like you? Get in touch with us today by sending your CV to