by Ramona Cauchi, Graphic Designer

A logo is the face of your business and should be completely unique and distinguishable, and this identity should be reflected in every aspect of your business process and value-proposition.

To give your brand a strong head start, you should invest in a bespoke logo design. Here’s why.

They are a temporary solution

When starting a business, budgets might be tight and you may be tempted to opt for a stock logo, but in the long run it won’t do you any favours. Your goal should be to succeed, and if you do, you wouldn’t want to have to completely change your logo or brand identity in the early stage of the game.

The smart, commercial way to approach this would be to have a good base and gain strength, rather than aim low and have a costly rebranding a year later.

Your brand might be mistaken for another

More often than not, the cheaper the logo, the more common it becomes, increasing the probability of another company with a similar logo as yours. This could harm your business and your reputation. You don’t want to be a run-of-the-mill company that’s not taken seriously.

You have no control

There is no way to determine how many times a stock logo has been bought. As the face of your company, your brand should be distinctive, making you recognisable in a cluttered market.

A cheap, convenient logo is not the right choice to represent your brand. Your aim should be to stand out of the crowd, especially when it comes to your competitors.

Brand Authenticity

Creating a brand involves a long process of market research, understanding what sets your business apart in terms of Uniques Sales Points, your business goals and target audience. The final result should be a look and feel that communicates exactly what is fundamental and unique about your business, giving consumers an insight into what you are about.

Being authentic will help your business to grow, which is what every business owner strives for. A bespoke logo curated by an experienced team of creative professionals is an investment that can take your business very far.

If you’re not sure where to start with your business’ look and feel, get in touch. We love a good old branding session.