by Adrianne Borg

Considering that we are constantly surrounded by a visual and digital based world, businesses should know no alternative but to furtherly increase their online presence.

Instagram is used by almost 1.4 billion users, meaning that it is one of the most powerful and successful social media platforms. Why wouldn’t you want to create an Instagram profile with the potential of reaching such a large audience?

Within the platform itself, there are a variety of valuable tools which one can incroporate to better their marketing strategy.


Instagram reels are a creative and authentic way of promoting your products or services through video. Like TikTok’s ‘For You’ page, your reels are likely to show up on people’s feeds who share interests related to your business.


These help businesses to adapt real-time marketing to their marketing strategy. Since stories increase your business’ online engagement, they are a great way to raise enthusiasm within the community which can result in increased profit and sales. Big brands like Starbucks and Nike are known for their interactive content on stories.

Advertising your content through sponsored stories is also an option. By setting your intended target and budget, sponsored stories are just a few steps away!


Want to know who is seeing your content or if your content is reaching the intended audience? Insights collect valuable information, known as analytics, that track a variety of metrics such as engagement, reach and impressions.


Hashtags are a great way to make your content more discoverable. If done correctly, your posts will be seen by more people who are likely to be interested in your brand. This will allow you to increase the size of your audience and gain better reach.

When used effectively each of these tools can lead to increased brand awareness and even drive more traffic to your website, allowing your business to obtain a competitive advantage.

All in all, it is important to upload high-quality content consistently. The aim of an Instagram business profile is to build an audience and gain customers, all while getting to know them better.

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