We are a Creative Marketing Agency

Why is creativity important for a Creative Marketing Agency?

Well, apart from being one of the words in the description of the agency, creativity is crucial for any company operating in the marketing and communications fields. With an ever-changing world, marketeers need to be more agile and ready to come up with ideas that will attract a client base towards a product, help people see themselves in this product and identify with its purpose. The kind of creativity that builds loyalty to a brand and strengthens its position in the market.

If one had to look at the definition of the word “creativity” according to the Cambridge Dictionary it says that creativity is “the ability to produce or use original and unusual ideas”. This is exactly what we try to do at The Concept Stadium – we listen to what you need and come up with ideas that are original or that make a brand stand out in the crowd and become true market leaders.

Who are we?

As an award-winning creative marketing agency, The Concept Stadium, puts into play over a decade’s worth of experience to support every client coming its way with a strong focus on branding, web and marketing communications. The Concept Stadium is equipped to take a brand from its design and development stage to launching it to any audience and gain go-to-market momentum whether you’re targeting B2B or B2C clients.

The Concept Stadium’s team is led by a strong and ambitious mission statement:

To act as Commercial Creatives where your brand comes to play in a virtual stadium, in which we understand the importance of being a market leader, both in terms of aesthetic and profit, keeping our creative people first.

A creative marketing agency
led by 6 core values

The Concept Stadium is a Creative Marketing Agency that insists on taking a different approach to other agencies with all clients. To do this, we have worked hard not only to create on paper, but also to live breathe and embrace our core values or business pillars.

Core Value 1
We are boutique and responsive
How? By offering a personalised service, geared towards achieving what our clients have in mind.
Core Value 2
We are people first
How? By investing in people that form a multidisciplinary team of caring individuals each bringing their skills and capabilities into action.
Core Value 3
We are agile
How? By operating and succeeding in ever-changing market conditions.
Core Value 4
We Love Simple
How? By adapting the KISS principle in whatever we do, whilst simultaneously pushing our boundaries, be problem-solvers and thinking outside-of-the-box.
Core Value 5
We are SMART
How? By remaining true to the premise of Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time-Sensitive.
Core Value 6
We are Honest and Trustworthy
How? By remaining closely held, and adhering to principles of Integrity, Reliability and Responsibility.

The proof is in the pudding – this is what our Creative Marketing Agency has done for our clients

Our business offering

We love branding that speaks volumes; a strong identity, style and relevance to a target audience. We do it all.
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With a market that’s oversaturated with visuals and messages, good design is crucial. As Commercial Creatives, our designs are designed to sell.
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We specialise in creating premium websites that keep in mind the user and UX, our clients’ requirements and a smooth UI.
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Content is king, and we know how to communicate, reach & engage with audiences, tell stories, brand build, and ultimately drive sales.
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Public relations, or as we prefer referring to it – Public Perception - is about engaging with the public to create a long-term link. We also understand the responsibility behind, as well as the need for strong corporate communications through different campaigns, events and initiatives.
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We’re your marketing partner. We sit down together, establish goals and create a bespoke on-budget strategy to reach them.
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The world is evolving fast, and therefore engaging a Creative Marketing Agency might be your next best step

Just a quick look into the latest We Are Social Digital index, by January 2022, there were 390.2 thousand internet users in Malta. Meaning that 88% of the Maltese population, that currently stands at 443.3 thousand citizens. Additionally, the Kepios analysis indicated that internet users in Malta increased by 5,518 (+1.4 percent) between 2021 and 2022.

Going a step further, the same study also looks into the social media use in Malta. In January 2022, there were 447.0 thousand social media users in Malta. This was equivalent to 101% of the population inclusive of private and business accounts. The Kepios analysis around this figure revealed that social media users in Malta increased by 27 thousand (+6.4 percent) between 2021 and 2022.

What does this mean? Well, quite frankly, if you’re not online whether via your own website or through social media, it is difficult to ensure a businesses’ success. Why? Because the majority of the population, which is probably where most businesses’ target audiences fall, is online and before deciding on whether to purchase a product or a service from a business, they do online checks on the business. What conclusion would they come up to about your business if it is not online?

Luckily, in Malta, we’re seeing also a rise in Creative Marketing Agencies of all kinds in order to help businesses navigate through the ever-changing and ever-growing online world. The Concept Stadium is one such Creative Marketing Agencies that proudly boasts over a decade of experience in helping businesses not only get online, but flourish while doing so.

The Concept Stadium’s Value Proposition comes from the lifetime of the business itself. We won together and we lost together. Throughout the last decade, we’ve handled several accounts of international brands such as Unilever, Qatar Airways, Epic Communications, Crane Currency, Nestle, Hyatt Regency, Planet Hollywood Qatar, Rainforest Cafe, Nepresso, Carlsberg and Pepsi.

Simultaneously we’re proud of our Maltese roots and we’ve handled jobs for local reputable clients such as Bay Street Group, FinanceMalta, APS Bank, Liquigas, Carrefour Products Malta, Harvest Technology plc, Corinthia Group, Festivals Malta, the Maltese Olympic Committee, the Malta Financial Services Authority, and the local crowdfunding platform Zaar.

If you believe that engaging a Creative Marketing Agency is the next best step for your business, then you are now at the right place that is equipped with the right team and the right tools for your business.

We’re fortunate to have a great team of people who share the same mindset, goals and most importantly, sense of humour. Everyone brings their own strength to the game and as a result, we’re able to offer a variety of top services to all our clients.

Our Team

Jonathan Dalli

CEO & Executive Director

Elaine Bonello

Non-Executive Director

Owen Grech

Non-Executive Financial Consultant

Jonathan Chetcuti

Founder & Guardian Angel

Lorraine Borg

Chief Brand Officer

Rebecca Calleja

Chief Commercial Officer

Claude Mifsud

Chief Operations Officer

Audrey Abela

Head of Client Partners

Ramona Cauchi

Creative Studio Manager

Lorna Sultana

Financial Controller

Michael Cassar

PR & Corporate Communications Product Lead

Luke Soler

Assistant Creative Studio Manager

Malcolm Ricci

Senior Audio-Visual Creative Designer

Jelena Antic

Senior Creative Designer

Sharon Craig

PR & Corporate Communications Client Partner

Rosette Magri

Go-to-Market Client Partner

Janine Brincat

PR & Corporate Communications Client Partner

Kyle Mintoff

PR & Marketing Client Partner

Mireille Cordina

Digital & Social Client Partner

Yanica Aquilina

Digital & Social Client Partner

Michał Maj

Web UX/UI Developer

Stephanie Montebello

Creative Designer & Video Editor

We do it all.

From big ideas to brand campaigns, and everything in between.

Ready for the next best thing for your brand? Get in touch with us today and let us tell you exactly how we can support.

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