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Are you bored of 9-to-5 jobs that are repetitive, and take out all joy of waking up and going to work? Do you have a passion for creativity and the motivation to work on multiple projects from a variety of industries both on a local as well as an international playing field? Then keep reading, because the Concept Stadium might be the solution to all your career needs.

Life-friendly Workplace

Before marketers, designers or techies, we are people with families and personal passions. Creativity thrives when you have healthy, formidable and focused team members, and we believe that such environment can only be realised when a true work-life balance is achieved. We have flexible family-friendly measures that allow both genders to attend to their loved ones when the need arises. We also encourage and support our team members in pursuing their personal passions and hobbies ensuring there is fair treatment of all lifestyles across the board.

Geo Tag

The Concept Stadium’s offices are located at the Hardrocks Business Park in Naxxar (Burmarrad Area) where we have the opportunity to enjoy walking meetings in the countryside, followed by a fresh lunch at the Fort Café just below our premises. For your convenience, an indoor car park is also available.

Fun, Bright & Comfortable Offices

We want our offices to be a beacon for creativity and productivity. That's why we constantly work on transforming and modernizing our space into a brainstorming workspace and a knowledge think-tank. We boast a fully-fledged Creative Studio, a stylish boardroom that’s a pleasure to be in, server facilities, an indoor lounge area and outdoor barbecue area. With design-and-digital inspired murals and a growing collection of sports memorabilia, this sets the ideal scene for marketers and creatives to create magic.

Fruit, Coffee & Beer

Apart from being a great source of natural light, our relaxing environment often houses spontaneous team BBQs and lunches and out-of-the-box idea-generation sessions. And if you think you can hit a bull’s eye, we invite you for a round of darts! We offer 3 coffee machines as well as the best blends of tea daily. Fresh seasonal fruit is also available for anyone at the office, to boost your creative energy! If you’re after something a bit more hard-core, our kitchen fridge is stocked with beer! And don't worry, we have something available for those with a sweet tooth too!

Team Tuesdays

Every last Tuesday of the month, the team meets together for a knowledge-fueled lunch. It’s a fantastic opportunity to chill, network and discuss ideas as well as industry best-practices. In addition, we have regular team events for out-of-the-office team-building sessions! We like to work hard, but we also play just as hard. This allows us to build a strong relationship between the members of our team and encouraging open communication across the company.

Idea Academy

We invest in our team members to further develop and nurture their talent. The Concept Stadium is a creative hub where we are free to generate ideas, both during formal and informal idea-generation sessions, or in our own element, to explore innovative ways to bring out the best for our client brands.

Sum of Parts

As the adage goes, the sum of parts is bigger than the whole, and successful activations have shown us that when we truly collaborate together across different disciplines, we better serve our clients. Before a project is launched, we seek each other’s feedback and if need be, go back to the drawing board to perfect our game-plan. Following the successful conclusion of a project we celebrate our wins and shine a light on the team members who put their heart and soul in to lead us to those same wins.

Quality Matters

Each team member at the Concept Stadium is responsible for producing quality work, not just work. We have quality assurance mechanisms in place that encourage us to perfect our game against predefined quality metrics. We consistently empower our team to bring their A-Game to truly realise their full potential. Additionally we ensure to provide our high-achievers with the opportunity to progress in their career as well as support them in their pursuit to continue strengthening their skills base.

We are HR Quality Mark Certified

The Concept Stadium achieved the HR Quality Mark by The Foundation for Human Resources Development (FHRD) in 2023. The certification recognises organisations that put effective and positive Human Resources practices at the top of their priority list. One of our core values is in fact: We are people first. Our people mean the world to us, and ensuring they are happy at work, they are fairly compensated for their time, and they have a space that allows them to grow is crucial to our survival as a company.

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