Dear Clients, Partners and Friends,

Jonathan’s family, myself and the rest of our team have been comforted by the outpour of love for our beloved Jon.

I always knew Jon was a “big man”, I was lucky enough to be his partner for 10 whole years. Our bond was not of business partners – we were family. We were always together, he was even with me during my first date with my wife, and he witnessed our wedding standing proudly in the front row.

Jon’s positivity is a trademark of his character. On the 23rd April, he sent me a message telling me:

“My life was so much better with you in it, the end is near and our memories will live forever, but you were the brother I never had.”

Yesterday was in reality a confirmation that it was actually our lives that were better with him around.

Whilst we grieve Jon, I have personally been touched by the many messages I received to extend your support to his beautiful wife and son, his resilient parents and sister, and our most amazing team who misses him dearly.

I promised Jon in the last few days of his life that his legacy will live on, and The Concept Stadium will be an organisation that will not only strive for business success, but also to honour the legacy of this amazing fun, loving, creative gentleman I was privileged to spend so much time with.

The team met for a brief moment yesterday to light a candle for Jon and remember him not only for who he was, but rather who he is – our Guardian Angel.

Many of you wanted to do the same but couldn’t. With his wife’s permission, we are opening a page so that you could leave a word for Jon.

From our end, a heartfelt thank you.

Jonathan Dalli

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Notes for Jon

  1. It was definitely an early departure although I know you are in a better place far away from pain. I will never forget what a joyful person you were and the joy and laughter you brought with you every time we met with friends. Your smile or better loud laugh was contagious …. Jon keep watching us from above especially your lovely family and colleagues.

  2. I couldn’t believe what I was reading, getting to know about your passing was surreal. I’ve got to know you a few years back through your business partner & university buddy Jon and must say that the few times we’ve sat around the table, discussed and exchanged business opportunities were full of sagacity and smiles. It clearly shows you left a HUGE legacy behind in all walks of life and this proverb suits you best ‘In the path of righteousness is life, and in its pathway, there is no death.’

    Live on Jon and watch over your loved and dear ones,

  3. Jonathan must have been a truly amazing character & wonderful person ! I never knew him but from what I have been reading about HIM since the first news of his passing , sounds that he was a remarkable Examplary man! May he always be an Inspiration to many & like many wrote his Beaming smile be a reminder that life can be always better – depends how we look at it & live each EXPERIENCE! Deepest condolences to His Wife, Son, Family , colleuges & numerous friends! Keep showering your blessings from Above!

  4. I only knew Jonathan as a little boy. He was only 6 years old and I was his Prep 2 teacher at Stella Maris Balzan. I treasure lovely memories of him as a sweet,bright pupil. I can still picture him on the day of his first Holy Communion celebration at school.In my thoughts and prayers. X x x

  5. Sabih words fail me. The world is definitely a worse place without you in it. Elaine and Gigi, my heart is breaking for you. But he is with you and will be with….❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  6. I was shocked when I learnt about this. Condolences to all your family and coleagues. We met shortly for your lunch breaks for years!
    Rest in peace Jonathan.

  7. I was shocked when I learnt. Since our days at SAC, and our occasional meet somewhere or other, you were always the kind of person one felt comfortable chatting with, as though we were still meeting each other daily for school lunch break. The accolades I read above are testament to your character and a life well lived, as you leave a legacy that is generous and honorable which is all we can truly hope for. Here’s a huge hug from an old school mate who looks forward to the pleasure of seeing you again some day.

  8. Dear family, friends , colleagues of Jon, on behalf of Malta Fashion Week, our sincere condolences. We cannot find proper words during this sad time.
    Jon will never been missed.

  9. Dearest Jon, Still can’t believe you are gone. I am so glad we remained friends over the years, and thankfully especially the last year. Thanks for helping me through my tough times, for making me laugh, for the chats about anything and everything. I admired your positivity so much when you got diagnosed, you just encouraged me to live life to the fullest. Never for a moment did I think you would be gone so soon. I miss our chats and I am grateful for our friendship. Watch over your family, your friends, your colleagues. I miss you – sogni d’oro Jon, ghal go l-evelopp one last time. RIP and never forgotten. x

  10. Jon, Rocket, Bobo, Charlie!

    We met during our teens, from the very beginning it was obvious that you were larger than life and most caring! Learning to take a joke became mandatory and having fun with it an essential part of our friendship! In marathon training you talent was evident, yet your main concern would be to encourage your friends so they could be selected too! ensuring more fun together. Your caring spirit was evident! After long games your apitite could wait as you patiently waited outside for all the girls on you team to finish their lengthy showers to ensure they arrived to the dorms safely in the middle of the night! Our friendship was kept up there you were towering over us lifting us up (sometimes litrellay for a better view, or and advantaged spike) , you always showed up in times of need or sent an extra word. You were there to share happy times and tough ones too! Our Charlie’s angles meetings were started appropriately for this purpose to celebrate, share and keep up our friendship! You will always be an extension to our trio! I was very lucky to know you and to be called one of your angles but this will not end, our roles have just reversed you are now our angle!
    Much love Erika

  11. I met Jonathan through Concept Stadium and always thought of him as a very joyful person with a permanent smile on his face even when trying to meet the high demands we always asked from Concept. One day we found out we had mutual friends through family were coincidently we met in London to watch a football match were I was with my son who at the time was 22 yrs old. I will never forget how he hit it off immediately with my son, and both of them just wondered off in front laughing and talking football as if they were friends for life. I think this is what Jonathan was he would make a friend for life in 15 minutes, and all the beautiful words i have been reading about him proves it
    Until we meet again Jonathan rest in peace gone too young

  12. Canta, I only have very fond memories of you and will always remember our football banter, the trips to Tunisia (listening to the Norman Lowell clips and drinking Limoncello), as well as the trip to Barcelona. You were always ready to crack a joke (and a beer)…I’m so happy I got to know you via the university klikka. The last time we exchanged messages you told me nothing is permanent, not even the Juve winning streak. And I answered with Non Mollare Mai!

    Fly high buddy and take good care of your dearest Elaine and Gigi from the VIP stands high up above!

  13. Dearest Jon, I will always keep you tightly tucked in a very special place in my little heart. I was privileged to enjoy you mostly during the early years of your young life. One particular time, more than others, brings a big smile to my face…when babysitting one evening whilst your mum and dad were out; we were playing on the bed and somehow we hit the bedside table lamp which fell and broke when it hit the floor. We had a big fright and then tried quickly putting it back together before your parents arrived back home -:)))! I enjoyed those evenings together… I was also very lucky to have had the opportunity to meet you a couple of more times in recent years, where you would always come up to me wearing your charming smile and saying to me “Alright Auntie…how are you.” I felt so welcomed and it meant the world and so much to me! I will always treasure the many memories of your sweet personality, always so gentle and so warm. Pray for us dearest Jon, many priceless memories of you will live vividly on around us and will never ever fade away. You were by far too special Jon. I was blessed to be one of the lucky ones to have shared some precious moments with you during your beautiful young life. xxx

  14. I never met Jon. But I have only seen parts and pieces online, in clips and photos. It is evident enough that he was a larger than life person – and kind hearted, bringing a smile in every way. Rest assured Jon, that you have many people here to continue your legacy. Condolences to the family.

  15. Dear family, friends , colleagues of Jon, on behalf of our whole team at HBM Group/ eManagement, our sincerest condolences with this great loss. We are honored to have worked with Jon and to have been touched by his talent and creativity. Known to us as the better half of Jonathan Dalli whom we have a close bond with, Jon was the ying to Jonathan’s yang. Perfectly balanced, which was noticeable as clients. Gone too soon, but surely never forgotten, for he left more than a memory, he left beauty in what he has created.
    Wishing you all find strength in every day beauty Jon left behind for you all. Love from Malta and Curaçao!

  16. We knew Jonathan mostly because of and through his wonderful parents Hector and Monica. Jon was an amazing special person as is evident by all the reactions following his leaving this world at such a young age. I will not forget his smiling face and his sense of humour, his friendliness with everyone around him. I must though mention his parents here. They are as special as the best parent could ever be. Their constant support to their children, the values they instilled, the fun things they did with their family, the annual family travels together and so much more, all wore off onto Jon making him the wonderful man he was. You are a family to look up to and I’m sure you are proud because Jon was a great father, husband, son and friend.

  17. Jonathan was a kind and joyful human being – very giving in the fullest sense of the word. He was an example and an inspiration to us all. Although the world has lost a bright spark in Jonathan, it’s nevertheless brighter for having had him.

  18. Dear Jon, I still can’t believe you’re gone…
    I can’t imagine coming to your offices and you not being around for our famous brainstorming sessions. I used to love hearing you trying to come up with different melodies and sing along to various ideas before saying your usual “f’idejk you’re the expert” and that contagious laugh that followed. We will meet again, on the other side but until then please watch over your family, friends and colleagues who are missing you dearly. Jon you are, and always will be a special friend to everyone who knew you. Watch over us buddy and Rest in Peace. Until we meet again Xx

  19. RIP….. our hearts go out for his wife, son and his dearest parents, sister and her family. Indeed facing a real tough time but I am sure he is watching over all including The Concept Stadium from above. A guardian angel guiding you all

  20. Although we never coached in the same club there was mutual respect from both sides, going way back in 2002-03 when my Kerygma and your Fleur de Lys fought for the U19 championship and then later always ready to help whenever my Seniors team Flyers Volleyball Club needed a friendly game against Valletta Volleyball Club during training.
    I remember the last time we met on Easter 2019 at the Juventus Stadium for the Juve match against Fiorentina when we won our last league #37. I remember you telling me till we meet again there….but unfortunately now it will not be possible.
    Condolences to your wife and son and all the family.
    Keep that smile and Rest in peace dear Jonathan

  21. I was always fascinated with the creative way Jon saw things. His mind was an explosion of ideas and colours. He was a great man dedicated to his family and work. He will be sorely missed but his legacy will remain in each and every person who crossed paths with him.

  22. I met Jon when he started working at Melita, and for the following 4-5 years he was sitting next to me day in day out cracking cheeky jokes, teaching me how not to let stress get to you (not that I managed to make that my second nature), and building up a great friendship and bond. Through Jon, I also met the warm, bubbly and uber-smart Elaine who thought me a whole new English vocabulary and our friendship as a group grew tighter and stronger.
    His positive and fun attitude was contagious with anyone that came into contact with Jon – but when needed, he would also be the first one to put on his serious and supportive mode on. Having been living abroad for the last 8 years, it became less obvious to see each other, but certain friendships leave an eternal mark in your life no matter the distance. During my last visit to Malta in December, I was terrified to bring myself to come see you, Jon, full of fear of how I’ll find you… which I will forever regret and has thought me a very painful life lesson to never assume that everyone will stick around, and grab each opportunity by its horn as though it’s your last.

  23. I met Jonathan around a year ago through The Concept Stadium as Hospice Malta was embarking on a marketing campaign to increase visibility of our services and accessibility to our patients. Reading through these testimonials, I share the same thoughts…. Jonathan’s personality, positivity and presence were crucial elements in the creation of this venture with Concept. I wish I had the opportunity to get to know him better but I can see that his enthusiasm is spread to all his colleagues at Concept.
    Thank you Jon, through you and the creation of our venture, Hospice Malta managed to consolidate our work to reach to thousands of patients and their families. On behalf of all at Hospice, condolences to his family and his team mates at The Concept Stadium.
    May your family and friends find comfort and strength at this difficult time.

  24. You were always smiling. I remember being at RYLA with you where you had the whole room wrapt – your inspiring talk stayed with everyone there. Including me. Thankyou. Stay smiling buddy.

  25. Hey Giann…still cannot come to terms. You were a giant in every sense: a giant personality, a giant sense of humour, a giant presence. Your beaming smile had the power to lift everyone up. I’ll miss bumping into you during our children school activities. Rest in peace buddy, you’ll be forever in my thoughts.

  26. Jon is a great person. I don’t like using past tense in these circumstances cause he truly IS a great person. I was lucky enough to have shared ideas and concepts with him while attending the B.Sc IT course we did together at UoM. Later in life we met a few times and I always remember Jon with a huge beaming smile. That’s how I will continue to remember him! Truly a great person! May he Rest In Peace and long live his legacy. Sincere condolences go to his family, wife and son. May they pluck up the courage needed to defy these moments and live their life to the full. Jon will be guarding you all throughout. Give us a spike Jon!

  27. The first time I met you in Malta, my manager joked, that I was hired so that you would have someone to discuss ice-hockey with as no one else in our team knew anything about the sport. We shared a passion for hockey, as well as sports in general. I will miss our conversations, especially talking about your beloved Toronto Maple Leafs.

    You were an absolute joy to work with, a creative mind and always smiling. You will be greatly missed.

  28. Deepest condolence – I have just heard and I am absolutely shocked.
    There are no words any one can say Elaine – I am sure that after this pain you will continue on in strength and resilience, in full knowledge that Jon is now in a better place.

  29. un grande uomo……un grande amico……un grande papà…un super marito….un grande pallavolista…..
    il figlio che ogni mamma vorrebbe avere….
    il compagno che ogni donna desidererebbe…..
    una uomo di passione !
    sarai sempre con noi

  30. It was always such a pleasure to work with ‘Big Jonathan’, people took to him instantly as it was great being in his company. He was lovely, warm and conscientious … a true gent and definitely one of lifes good guys. He’ll be sorely missed.

  31. Thinking of your friends, family and your Concept Stadium family at this horrendous time.

    An absolute pleasure to work with, and great fun out of work. Ill remember the Maltese wine recommendations and continue to stock up when I travel!


  32. Thinking of your friends, family and your Concept Stadium family at this horrendous time.

    An absolute pleasure to work with, and great fun out of work. Ill remember the Maltese wine recommendations and continue to stock up when I travel!


  33. His positive and can do attitude were always contagious! In these last few months I came to appreciate his incredible character. Under extreme circumstances he kept the faith and never gave up …. a true inspiration!

  34. Aw Chetcuti, x’qasmek? Jon was a school mate, a year older and also a workmate, must have spent at least 5 years in the same office. We shared the love of sports and we used to discuss anything sports related, football, basketball, rugby, American football and volleyball of course. When Jon came over to Melita he practically took over my work and I was super glad he did cause he was a huge talent in design and I wanted to move on to other things. Over the course of years at the office Jon helped me with my work and was always a support including recently when I told him some of my doubts, but he would come back to me saying you’ll nail it man I know you will.
    Chetcuti, I will remember you for your smiles, cracking a joke and for unknowingly keeping me alive when I was passing through the worst time of my life with your mood changing remarks.
    love you mate, until I see you again.

  35. Jonathan is among the first people we met in coming to Malta and introducing Crane Currency to Concept Stadium. Jonathan and the CS team immediately impressed us. Practical. Smart and Fun. Jon is an indelible part of our sense of and warm feelings for the country and its people, and he will remain a source of much anticipation for still more good things to come from our work and time here.

  36. Iltqajt ma’ Jonathan bis-saħħa ta’ Jon. Ma kontx nafu ħafna qabel għax ftit ikbar minni. Ħdimna flimkien fuq xi proġetti u kien jogħxa jaqbad miegħi meta niltaqgħu għax kien jieħu gost ibaqbaqni fuq il-ġrajjiet kurrenti. It-tbissima u d-daħka tiegħu kienu uniċi u ma ninsihom qatt. Kien ġentlom, metikoluż u professjonali ħafna. Dejjem pożittiv. Ħallejtna kmieni iżda tibqa’ magħna dejjem.

    Hu ħsiebna ħabib!

  37. You laughing on the steps of the original Coconut Grove way back in 1994… that is my very first memory of you. Even as I type this, I find myself smiling as I remember our days at sixth form. We pursued different paths at University and lost touch for a couple of years… only to find ourselves meeting again every week whilst we watched our boys swim at Ta’ Qali during the winter and Neptunes in summer.

    We had a common love of Italian music … in the summer of 2017 I had hardly uttered the name “Gianna” and with the enthusiasm of a kid you got all excited since you knew she was coming to Malta…within days you had bought tickets. Together with Elaine and a friend of mine we watched her perform in Malta…. it was an unforgettable evening… I can still hear you belt out “Sei mitica Gianna!”

    The last few months I was privileged to have been able to re connect again… you were not only hilariously funny, but you also had a deep spirituality and an emotional intelligence that few are lucky to possess. I will treasure our WhatsApp conversations forever… you were always, always full of life, even as yours was fading away.

    They say those we love don’t go away, they walk beside us everyday… unseen, unheard but always near, still loved, still missed and forever dear.

    No truer words spoken.

    Arrivederci Jon X

  38. There are few people who leave such an indelible footprint on the sands of time as Jonathan did on his short stay with us. Gone too soon, Jonathan was one of the those rare people who brought smiles to people’s faces by his ‘towering’ presence and constant sense of humour and playful banter. Whether playing table-tennis or on the tennis court, the jokes reeled off the tongue, the wisecracks and repartee almost as competitevly exchanged as the ball between us. Just like a rainbow missing one of its colours, the days will be that little bit greyer without Jonathan’s smile to brighten them up.

    Vaya con dios, amigo

  39. When I think of Jonathan, the things that come to mind are his smile, his positivity, his professionalism, his altruism and his height. No doubt he is looking down at us all (in a good way) at the moment and his team’s nomenclature of Guardian Angel is very apt. I had the privilege to work with Jonathan on many projects, both at Shireburn and also for the work that The Concept Stadium have done for us at Rotary over the years. And it was a privilege. He always made things fun yet professional.

    Thank you Jonathan for the many things you gave to others, probably without you realising. We will miss you but will continue to feel your impact. My sincerest condolences to Elaine, Gigi and all the family.

  40. You were a fabulous guy, tastefully flamboyant and always – a touch of humour. You knew your subject like no other and though you masked this by a mild mannered yet positive approach you made things happen and in so doing turned those meetings into ones we looked forward to attending. The loss to your family and colleagues at work will be immeasurable. May you rest in peace.

  41. Hey Jonathan, for these last months not seeing you around with that smile of yours was already hard for us, but now is even harder and still cannot believe how quick God wanted you around him ( could be that God wanted to cherish his folks up there with you) Jonathan all I could say is how humble, positive great guy you have been and I’m sure that Gigi will follow your goodness for his future with you being his guardian angel . I’m sure that the response of your friends and colleagues that have poured in many social media will help Elaine and Gigi in this most difficult time . May God Grant you Rest In Peace . You will be missed but not forgotten ! Until we meet again ?

  42. Jon,
    Unfortunately we never met or new each other in real life but many of my friends had more privilege than me for they have worked or known you.

    However one does not need to read much of the messages & testimonials to understand that you were a great guy, a loving husband and exemplary father, a great boss and a respected partner in business and to all your staff and work colleagues, with high ethical work standards, who clearly had creative mind, vision and positive attitude towards whatever came in your way. I have always admired the work of ‘Concept Stadium’ without knowing anything who were behind it. Now I understand why this was a success!

    Looking at some of the photos posted is enough to understand who you were in life, certainly a real gentleman. Clearly you left this world as a great person who touched and inspired so many. That is so nice.

    I shall keep you in my prayers.

  43. Jon although we met very few times in the office, those few times were special and full of positivity. I really liked to share with you some words about the world of wine, your passion for Piedmont and for good Italian food. It was a real pleasure.
    One day we’ll meet again for a glass of Barolo.

    Rest in peace!

  44. I would have never thought I would be writing this! I last spoke to you in February ….. you were full of hope and looking forward to going back to your life but with a different ‘mindset’ you said!
    We chatted and you teased me, as always, about waterpolo , that we would finally be on the same side for a few games and I would finally enjoy a celebration ! We many times chatted about our volleyball days! We have so many memories which I will cherish ! I will always cherish your genuine friendship , your gentle funny ways and your encouragement when needed! You recently sent me a newspaper cutting dating 2002! We had both hit the sports headlines for both winning players of the year in that year! You sent it to me so I show it to my children and wrote ‘ proud moment oht’. The way you spoke about Gigi was heartwarming!
    You have touched so many people in different ways and from different walks of life. You are truly special and loved by so many. Fly high my friend. Bobo #10 will live on forever in our hearts!

  45. Aw Canta,
    I will always remember you for your wit, sense of humour, talent, and intelligence. It was an honour and a privilege to know you. In the twenty years I have known you I never once saw you without that infectious, characteristic smile of yours. Until we meet again my friend. Rest in peace. John.

  46. Jon was an epitome of a gentleman; kind, strong, passionate, motivating, funny. Liked and loved by everyone. We shared the same school, work places and sport. When he was on our team he was the heart and soul of the team, when he played against us he was the guy to beat. Winning against him was special because we knew he gave it all and pushed his mates to do the same, winning with him was great because he made everyone feel part of the win. The way leader should be. A giant of a man. Farewell Jonathan!! The world lost one of it’s best!!

  47. I don’t think I can even picture Jon in my head without a smile. He was a genuine, lovely person who was always positive and a pleasure to work with – he had the attitude that together anything was doable. I think we have lost a very special person, he will be truly missed.

    Rest in peace Jon

  48. I knew Jon from back at the Small Nations Games were we represented Malta in our respective sports. He was a true motivator and on-court-coach that guided and encouraged the team, especially under pressure. I have no doubt he did that at work and in other aspects of his life, including through the illness, caring more about others than himself.

    My note to Jon: “You positively impacted the lives of all those you met, so Jon, I’m going to try and ‘be like you’ whenever I can.”

  49. “Forza, coraggio e grinta. Niente di meno.” I will carry your words of encouragement and your outlook towards life forever in my heart Canta. Keep watching over us.

  50. Now this is odd. I only met Jonathan a couple of times through work, and I am not a big fan of eulogies. And yet here I am leaving a note on his wall. I am, as others have already expressed, getting to know this man from testimonies of those who knew him well, and the overwhelming feeling I am left with is a selfish one. It is clearly my loss for not having had the opportunity of getting to know Jonathan much earlier and more closely. He would’ve been a great guy to have around, to share with, to receive from, to listen to and to observe. He seems to have had an abundance of virtues which lavish value onto the simpler moments in life, through sports, through tenderness, through loyalty, through simplicity. People come and people go. The passing of this man has moved me a lot more deeply than I would’ve ever expected, and whilst the emotion is heart-wrenching, the worth of this man’s life seems to somehow soften the blow of his passing. Or maybe not. I genuinely look forward to getting to know more about this man through his worthy (in many ways) Dalli twin .

  51. This outpouring of love for you and your treasured family is testimony to the genuine, giving way you lived your life.
    Like a candle that lights so many others, you illuminated our faces with your smile. You enriched us with your warm, welcoming ways.
    Bright, funny, creative and, above all, humane — your legacy will live on in your beloved Elaine and Gigi, and also in the various teams you set up and contributed to. You touched so many lives with love.

  52. Dear Jon.
    You left us so early in the prime of your life. How difficult to understand. You were an inspiring, happy, energetic man, admired and loved by all of us who knew you We shall miss you sorely until such time that we cannot meet but your valued characteristics are left for us to cherish for the rest of our lives.
    May your beloved wife Elaine, your treasured son Gigi and the rest of your beautiful family, with the help of God find the courage and strength to go through the trauma of this phase in their lives.
    Rest in peace my friend.

  53. Jonathan, I can still see the 2 year old you were when I first met you, later the proud big brother to Alison and the little milestones along the way. But the memory that sticks in my head was your graduation party and the speech you gave thanking everyone but especially your parents. We saw you marry and complete your beautiful family with the arrival of Gigi.
    Taken too soon from your family and friends and all those whom you have touched . The body dies but the spirit soars, so fly high and watch over your loved ones.

  54. Aw Johnny…
    Ancora riesco a sentire che urli Facile dopo una difesa andata per sbaglio in zona alzatore! ?
    Mi facevi ridere quando eri in campo e ti vedevo soffrire quando eri fuori.
    Mi hai fatto credere di essere il Libero più forte del mondo…ecco perché eri bravo nel tuo lavoro…
    Ciao Guazzone (a sto giro lo urlo io) ?

  55. Not too long ago you told me “For the Gigis only the best will do eh!! Give your Gigi a big hug from us.” It was always either “your Gigi” and “our Gigi” or in the boys’ presence usually “big Gigi” and “little Gigi”. And yes it was so clear that you and Elaine always gave your Gigi the very best. I can still see you throwing both Gigis into the sea at Ghadira….they were both thrilled and your Gigi as always looked at you the way boys look at superheroes. Such true and pure happiness – and that amazing smile of yours – will never be forgotten. You really were a superhero. Gone far too soon. Elaine, Gigi, Monica, Hector and Ally – thinking of you constantly – Jon is definitely your guardian angel now watching and smiling from up above.

  56. Jonathan, you touched the soul of every person you met. That is so special. Reading everyone’s comments is proof that you had a really meaningful purpose… to make people realise how being a humble, charismatic, positive and caring person is so rare and thus so memorable. We knew eachother through work but we got on and felt comfortable around eachother, being around you felt just like being around a friend. Although we weren’t close friends, just acquaintances, the sad shocking news really upset me. You will always be a star… one that will keep on shining forever and never forgotten! Your wife and son will forever look up to you and be so proud of you. RIP xxx

  57. Hard to fathom why such a fun, positive human being like Jon should have left us so soon, but he has left us all with more positive memories than we can ever hope to remember. His amazing smile, his instinctive jovial predisposition and his ability to make everyone feel at ease. Although I only bumped into him here and there I always loved it. He transmitted positivity and good vibes. So long dear Jon. You touched us all in so many ways…all positive. Till we meet again.

  58. Ciao Little duck,
    Quando parlavi di pallavolo,ti si illuminavano gli occhi,come quelli di un bambino che apre i regali a Natale!! Anche a luglio,quando ci siamo visti a Milano, eri cosi felice di essere in un palazzetto,di poter parlare insieme di pallavolo!!
    Sei riuscito a farmi allenare con la tua squadra a Malta,come potevo dire di no al tuo sorriso contagioso e alla tua gentilezza? Eri speciale Jon, e la tua scomparsa è un macigno per tutti noi. So che dall’alto vigilerai sulla tua famiglia,e so che insegnerai agli angeli a giocare a volley.Ci mancherai Jonathan,Amico Mio❤

  59. Dear Jon,
    Your presence and persona always guaranteed a good laugh or a fun, friendly chat during any event that brought us together. There were times when we met during very tough circumstances , however you still managed to lighten those sad moments . In total disbelief. May you rest in peace and keep watching over your beautiful family XXX

  60. Only knew you by sight, but reading all of this about how amazing you where I wish I had the opportunity to get to know you.

    Throughly an inspirational human. Fly High!

    Condolences to family, colleagues and especially to you Jonathan Dalli.

    Take Care!

  61. It was always a pleasure to speak to you whenever we met! The world would be have been much better with you in it. But you are now in a better place, surrounded by saints. Please help all those who need courage to move on esp. those who are experiencing difficulties in their life.

  62. Jon, ours was a working relationship. But your spirit and love of life was contagious and shone through. Thank you for dedicating precious time from the last few years of your life to us. I’m honoured to have known you and to have worked with you.

  63. Lost contact with you and your family for a while but was shocked to hear the news… remember you in your early years playing Volleyball… remember you as part of the National Teams in preparation for the GSSE, being team manager for the male team… many memories come back to mind, but most of all, the pride in your parents’ eyes everytime they cheered you on… Fly high, condolences to all the family, especially your Mum and Dad xxxx

  64. Joni,

    I found myself going through our correspondence as soon as I heard the sad news, and I came across an email you sent me a few days after my wedding. You emailed to thank me for inviting you and ended it with “it’s always a pleasure to meet your incredibly lovely family, specjalment your mum. If I had to clone a mother I would make one like mine and another like yours”. The love and respect you had towards your family is inspiring!!

    Keep shining from up above, Jon

  65. Dear Jon:

    May God bless you my friend and brother! Thank you for teaching me alot of things during your final earthly journey to the Father’s House! Thank you for teaching me what true holiness is all about! The gentle breeze of the Holy Spirit, which simply overflowed in you, just flowed out from you to my heart and marked it forever with Jesus’ peace! Jon, thank you for teaching me how to be a hospital chaplain and confirming me in my heartfelt vocation to serve Jesus in the patients of the Sir Anthony Mamo Oncology Centre. Kindly pray for me on this matter and in general too. Humbly I want to bless you from my heart as I always did when you were with us. MAY GOD ALMIGHTY BLESS YOU, ELAINE, GIGI, HECTOR AND MONICA AND ALISON AND HER FAMILY IN THE NAME OF THE FATHER, THE SON AND THE HOLY SPIRIT. AMEN. Thank you my dear brother! Thank you my heart’s and soul’s friend!

  66. Diffiċli biex nesprimi ruħi f’dawn il-mumenti! Diffiċli ħafna li ma nkunx irrabjat u nistaqsi għaliex?

    Diffiċli nirraġuna u ma nkunx emottiv.

    Let’s face it… u mhux ghax llum… imma naħseb qed nirrifletti l-ħsieb ta’ ħafna! Ftit huma l-irġiel li tista tgħdi li dan ir-raġel idjeali. Imma int kont viċin ħafna! Raġel fuq l-irġiel, missier eżemplari u ħabib ta’ veru.

    Il-Mulej jaħfirli jekk inkun rrabjat, imma nitolbok tgħidlU jfehmni issa la qiegħed ħdejH!

    Għaliex lilek u mhux lili per eżempju?

    Iva konna qed nistennewha, imma kellna t-tama. Probabli kont posittiv iktar minna lkoll fiċ-ċirkostanzi minkejja li kont taf li l-logħba twila u diffiċli.

    Meta sirt naf, kelli diffikulta x’ser nikteb? X’ser nagħmel? Iddeċidejt li niktiblek, wara li għamilt ftit kuraġġ. Ir-rispons tiegħek kien ta’ kuraġġ għax l-ispirtu tiegħek ta’ kuraġġ li tajt lili kien bil-bosta iktar milli stajt nagħtik jien.

    Għax int hekk magħmul, dejjem hekk kont. Kull sfida taraha mod kif tpoġġi lilek fil-ġenb u taħseb f’ħadd ieħor.

    Il-ħajja tagħna qarrbitna lejn xulxin f’numru ta’ okkażżjonijiet u dejjem kont persuna affidabli, spalla u ta’ għajnuna.

    Anke meta ma’ qbilniex fir-rwolijiet differenti tagħna fit-tim ta’ Valletta Volleyball Club, kellek l-abilita’ li tifhem u tfiehem, li tiżen u tagħrbel u li tappoġġja wara kull deċiżjoni li tkun ittieħdet.

    Bħal f’tim, dejjem ħarist lejn il-ġid tat-tim (the bigger picture) qabel tiegħek, u hekk għamilt f’ħajtek.

    Kont taf li l-logħba twila u diffiċli imma bqajt tilgħab sal-aħħar.

    Diffiċli ngħidu dan il-kliem, imma forsi tlift ‘set’ pero rbaħt il-logħba tal-qlub mibnija fuq ir-rispett li tgawdi minn sħabek fil-logħba li tajt ħajtek għaliha, mill-kollegi professjonisti u mill-qraba tiegħek.

    Dan hu l-mument li ħsiebi jmur lejn missierek Hector, lejn martek Elaine u ibnek Ġiġi, u l-memorji li qattajna flimkien il-bajja tal-Għadira, lejn sieħbek, u ħabib tiegħi Jonathan Dalli li flimkien tajtu bidu għal ħolma professjonali f’ The Concept Stadium

    Itlob għalina int…

    Diffiċli nsellmulek kif inhu xieraq minħabba l-mumenti straordinarji li qed ngħixu … forsi minn banda hekk għandu jkun għax ħajtek ma ġietx fi tmiemha llum. Ħajtek tkompli fil-preżenza tiegħek fi qlub u moħħ dawk kollha li kellhom il-barka li ħajjithom tmiss b’xi mod miegħek!

    Inħobbuk Ġann, kif ħabbejtna dejjem !

  67. Dear Jon!

    2014 marked a very special point in my career. I got to share an experience with two visionaries who despite the odds, managed to take a start-up to amazing heights, two visionaries that quickly became more than Directors to me. From broadening the Stadium’s portfolio, the move to bigger premises, to celebrating those epic pitches, you created an environment that nurtured the idea of pushing the envelope, whilst being sensitive to the clients’ needs. I’ll never forget the countless hours, brainstorming, getting all excited about the latest design trends, or when a concept starts becoming reality. Bringing both of your experiences, The Concept Stadium became a true center of innovation, creativity but more importantly family. A family that was in it to win it but more importantly learned how to rise again, learn and move ahead.

    I cannot forget the countless laughs and jokes, even when swamped as well as the after-hours music when the office gets quiet and we’ll crank it up! This humor kept me going even at the most pressing of times and even though you would have much more on your plate, you always had time to bounce off any ideas or to hear me out.

    Like in any other team, no one is greater than the team. But Jon, you have always been and will remain a guiding light to all of us, no matter where we are! This gives me strength, that even though I am still trying to get to grips with what happened, you will be there to guide us along the way.

    Until we meet again Jon, keep looking over us all! My deepest condolences go out to Elaine, Gigi, and the dream team at the Concept Stadium! You are all in my thoughts and prayers.


  68. Chetcuti,

    As per our final conversation a few days ago, you’ve always been an example to follow, a role model to quite literally look up to, and more so during this tough period. You kept the same jolly character as always, giving us courage rather than the other way round. Your smile kept shining whenever we met, filling the place with a happy atmosphere, letting nothing which is happening affect the ones around you.

    I miss the silly moments we used to have, the conversations about a never-ending list of topics, your interest and encouragement for my training and each race I ran, your great guidance whenever I faced a problem, your colourful attire which brightened the room. Nothing was the same without you.

    I will cherish forever your final words to me..
    “For me it’s a lesson in persistence that you must keep chipping away in silence and humility and you’ll get your breakthrough.
    Keep up the Sterling work Claude #tops
    Make it big buddy, you have all it takes, believe in yourself.
    🙂 go for it champ u grazzi 🤗🤗🤗🤗”

    Rest in peace, my friend. Thank you for always believing in me, since day one! ❤️

  69. Jon,

    You were certainly one of a kind. I can’t forget how you always managed to turn any stressful/akward situation into a funny one. I can still vividly remember some of your jokes… which I can’t really tell publicly ? I would love to be able to achieve what you have achieved during your lifetime… Respect by everyone who knows you, the ability to make a person laugh in any kind of situation, making anyone feel he’s accepted in any kind of situation and just enjoy life to the full. I am extremely sorry your life had to end so rapidly and I will surely remember you for as long as can be!


  70. Dear Jonathan,

    We met at hematholgy, my mum was in same room. We got chatting and we all laughed about everything and nothing. Your sense of humour lightened the room and positivity shone through. I recall you trying to build this miniature model, mini Lego blocks am like …wow. A few weeks ago, heard that things took as different turning until I read last sunday sad news. I couldn’t believe it.
    Fly High, watch over your lovely wife Elaine, your son Gigi, your parents and all your loved ones.
    In our prayers always and Rest in Peace

  71. Dear Jon,

    It is difficult for me to express the sadness and grief at your loss. All these memories rushing back to Uni and beyond. It feels surreal, unreal even. I think it hasn’t quite hit yet. You have touched so many lives, helped so many people, made so many of us smile and laugh. That is in itself a legacy to be proud of. You will live in the hearts of many. This is what we should all be aiming for in life. Thank you for teaching us and showing us what this life is all about.

  72. Dear Johnny,

    Not many people called you by this name but I always called you by this name. I still remember you very very young but enthusiastic to learn and absorb all I tried to share with you regarding volleyball. I cherish those memories both at club and national team level. Even after many years you always referred to me as mister. For sure however I was the one to learn from you, you showed me how to live life to the full and always being a true gentleman.

    Thank you Johnny for years of friendship both off and on the court. Will cherish those memories for ever. Your number on court was 10 and this is perfect number for you. 10 out of 10 for your life.

    Rest in peace dear friend


  73. Jon’s infectious smile, laugh, kindness and positive and bubbly character could never go unnoticed and will be dearly missed. Even on a bad day, bumping into you always put a smile on my face. Will miss my little dance crossing in front of your car when I see you in the car park and the times I ran out when I heard you outside just to say hi 🙂 You will be missed by all of us at PX Lettings.

    Rest in peace Jon. Our thoughts and prayers are with Elaine, Gigi and all your family and friends.

    Fly high ❤

  74. Dear Jon

    I didn’t know you personally so well but I know very well a few friends who were very close to you and valued you dearly! Your smile says so much about you & you warm my heart with each photo iv been seeing. You were robbed of this life too soon but rest assured your legacy will live on in the people you were close too & on whom you left such a mark. Fly high guardian angel !

  75. You have no option but smile whenever Jon is around, and I am sure that smile will live in all of us. You are gone Jon but your sense of humour, dance moves, laughter and caring moments will live on. I’m sure your positivy mostly throughout this journey has inspired lots of people.
    Well done The Concept Staduim for this page! Whenever we feel down, watching this video and all these photos shall put a smile on our faces for sure.
    Until we meet again chocoholic buddy ☺️

  76. I had the privilege and honour corresponding with you during your cancer treatments. We discussed many important things in life that brought us joy and love in our lives…our mutual love for sports…our kids..and family…but the most notable discussion we fell upon was that life was a series of “Finish lines” …Whether it be completing a work related dead line or a sporting competition…your battle with cancer was just another line to cross. Your fight and courage impressed me more than ever. Your sense of what’s real in life inspired me even more. I will never forget our brief time in Italy last year when you and Elaine dropped everything and met us for dinner outside of our hotel in Rome…it was the highlight of our vacation. YOU are a role model…YOU are one of the best souls I have ever met…YOU are a legend and the ultimate warrior … and I will continue to cycle for you for the rest of my life. I love you and I’ll meet you on the side xoxo Your cuz T

  77. Dear Jonathan,

    Your positivity and endless smiles were truly an inspiration …the world has surely lost one of it’s best…
    Farewell dear Jon & rest in peace till we meet again…
    Fly high Gan xxx

  78. Aw “Bobo”, yes sorry I prefer to leave you my last message with the nickname you liked so much during the time we got to know each other during your volleyball years when I feel together with your father we worked strenuously to give a future to the sport you loved so much.
    I’m sorry we lost touch recently and I only got to know about your suffering in your last week, sorry that I couldn’t comfort you with more prayers that might have eased a little bit of pain away, but I’m sure your positivity and courage was more to our need than yours.
    I’m sure you are not in pain any longer and that you will be your family’s guardian angel, spreading those long arms of yours to protect them and reach around them to hug them whenever they bring back memories of you around them.
    Vola Carissimo Vola, rise up to reach those heights just like when you used to jump to spike the ball or maybe to block your opponent during those many volleyball games, only that this time you will fly for eternity without any particular goal but while you’re flying do not forget to smile upon us.
    Rest in peace my friend and don’t worry your legacy in life has left many that will do anything for your family just as you did for others in your life!

  79. Don’t know we’re to start from. We were originally opponents from different teams but strangely enough we both decided to join our teams and maybe all together built not only probably the strongest male team ever but most importantly a family that spent some of the nicest times together. Jonny and I both owned a marketing and advertising agency so this made us even more compatible as we spoke of things we both loved volleyball and the marketing world. Strangely enough last week Jonny sent a kit to my house for me to send to an old team mate who now lives in America. It’s incredible how he actually thought of this during his last few days. We will definitely host a game in your honour my friend #10 when all this pandemic is over.

  80. Bobo, I want to share a fond memory of my 1st game in the 2nd division against Kerygma. I came on as a substitute to try to get a few points with my serve, and Branco told me that if I lost the serve he wouldn’t call me for another game 🙂 that was his way of trying to push us to the max, I was 16 at the time, so No pressure lol. Then you came over to me ‘frisk bhal hassa’ and you told me ‘enjoy it mate, you know your capabilities, let’s have a good time’. We were team mates for several years, and opponents for many more, but more importantly we were friends and always gave our 100% during games in full respect of the game, team mates and opponents. Thank you for being simply you Johnny, and I look forward to being on the same court with you again 🙂

  81. Dear Jon,

    Unfortunately I never had the pleasure of knowing you, even though I can see now that we had many friends in common. Each of their tributes to you is a testament to what a fantastic person you were. Truly touching words by all who were lucky enough to have had you in their lives. May your family and friends continue to shine your light and find strength at this difficult time.

  82. I have known Jon through my daughter who was in Gigi’s class about four years ago. Then, as it often happens in Malta, we got to know that a dear friend of mine and ex-colleague was his own sister, Alison. From then on, we used to either bump into each other on parents’ days, school concerts or just greet each other across the road on the way to pick up our respective children from school. He always struck me as a joyous man, always with a ready big smile that would light up his face.
    May peace and love continue to warm up his family’s lives especially his wife Elaine and son Gigi and may we all remember and cherish Jon’s warmth and love for life.

  83. Hey giovanotto –

    It took me 2 days to write you our final WhatsApp message. I knew what to expect as your response and just couldn’t find the right words. Should it be motivating? Should it be comforting? Should it be a farewell?

    Your last words: “Thanks for the thought buddy … Tough times but am at peace with myself and all I’ve done and achieved so there are no regrets or hard feelings, just inner joy and serenity to walk this green mile and be free.”

    That message shocked me and had me in a complete daze for a week, but the final news just knocked me down.

    After months of positivity and fighting through it those were your last words. Of course you shouldn’t have regrets. You lived a full life , as a great man, friend, colleague, son, husband and father.

    All I could think of is that I could have called more often, messaged more often, visited more often. But in the end I’m just grateful to have shared this life, no matter how briefly, with you. Always the motivator, always full of positivity and always full of passion in everything you do.

    Keep smiling big boy

  84. Jonathan
    I can never forget your cheerful chararacter and your positivity towards life. You managed to nickname me “iz-zghira taghna” since I was short compared to your size – A gentle giant in all aspects. 20 years plus of friendship will be greatly treasured. Teasing was your forte. How many times did you grab me by the collar to mess up my hair right before warm up! But how could I get angry at you when hearing your infectious laugh. A wonderful person gone too soon. Until we meet again my dear friend

  85. Dear Jon, our time working together wasn’t a long one but you are one of the few people from Melita that I always remembered for always, no matter what, was always laughing and so positive. Your infectious laughter was heard down the corridor whilst walking towards the marketing teams area.

    May we all strive to be as impactful and pure joy as you. May you continue to guide everyone close to you. Keep on laughing and Rest well! I’m sure you won’t be missing the Springbok games from above ?

  86. Jon,

    Your smile and laughter were contagious and you lit up every room you entered and I left each and every conversation we had, smiling because that’s what you did, not only to me but to everyone around you. I remember when Gigi came into your life, you were so excited and when I drove past you stopped me to make sure I met him! I then knew immediately what a terrific father you were going to be and how lucky Gigi was to have you in his life. You left a huge impact on all of us Jon. You would tease me so much about everything especially about Jordan 🙂 Fly high Jon. The best of us are taken first and you are a testimony of that! Certainly one of the best human beings to ever grace this earth! My thoughts and prayers are with Elaine, Gigi and the rest of the family xxxxx

  87. A truly wonderful soul. Im so glad to have known you and worked with you on so many great projects over the years. Always managed to light up a room. Your contagious laugh will always be treasured. Fly high buddy. God grant you eternal rest. Condolences to your family, friends and the entire team at TCS.

  88. Jon was “one of the volleyball team players”, a fellow National Team athlete, albeit from a different sport to mine, he always wore a smile.

    Fast forward many years later, and I recently had the pleasure of sitting next to him at a dinner. It was the first time I’d had a proper long conversation with him, and we really didn’t stop chatting throughout the meal. He was talking so enthusiastically about Elaine, and hai beloved Gigi, showing me photos and recounting stories. I recall we said we should get together as couples some time. I’m so sad we never did, but so happy I got to know you properly that evening.

    The World has lost a good soul, a gentle giant, a true gentleman. I shall always remember your kind face and smile.

  89. There are those who fill a room with their smile and positive energy. There are those who fill our lives with kindness, calm and compassion. There are those with good taste, an eye for beauty, a love for life. There are those who look a challenge in the eye with fortitude and resilience. Jon was a child of light who embodied all of those… those bountiful attributes which enrich life and feed the soul. He was strong, youthful, playful… a bag of fun really! People like Jon don’t pass away… they merely lead the way… no doubt he is clearing a path I will gladly follow… his light will continue to shine bright showing us the way to the big stadium in the sky. May your smile continue to shine upon us my dear friend. May you Rest In Peace.

  90. Carissimo Jon,

    Non voglio essere triste perché ci hai insegnato il sorriso, sempre…. Non voglio essere giù di morale perché tu non hai mai mollato.
    It was an honour to meet you, to work with you and to be your friend ….
    Impossible to forget a person like you and the high sense of humanity inside your character.….
    Rest in peace Jon, we will continue this life and try to win the race, just for you !


  91. Dear Friend, Sadly you are now resting with no pain. I’ve known you since i’ve been involved in the volleyball sport. You were always there for everyone who was within the same team and also an opponent with an example.

    In the last 6 years with Valletta Volleyball we went through a lot of things from winning the league for so many times, training camps in Milan which you played significant part in the organization of the training camps.

    We laughed, we were sad but most of all we were only one team Valletta Volleyball Club behind our #10 captain.

    You also gave me a lot of your knowledge when it comes to photography. Your sincere and construct criticism made me part of what i am in terms of photography today and for this I THANK YOU.

    Say a prayer for all of us especially your family, wife and your son Gigi.

    Rest In Peace my friend ???? Until we meet again.

  92. You were such a great soul and a great personality. It was a pleasure to work with you and I feel honored to have known such a wonderful person as you. A beautiful soul is never forgotten. May you rest in peace, as memories of you live on.

  93. Dear Jon,

    Thanks for being the best opponent one could ever hope to confront. You managed to show your superiority on court and yet congratulate me for playing a good point or for managing to block you (very rare). You never failed to say thank you and well done at the end of each game. My deepest regret is not being able to say a last goodbye. I hope one day my son can find a constructive opponent that pushes him to excel. Ciao!

  94. Dearest Jon,

    I met you at your sister’s wedding and I remember you clearly walking your beautiful mum down the aisle. Your smile was so radiant that I still think of you remembering just that – your smile, transmitting positivity and love!
    Watch over your beloved family just as you lived your life ?
    Fly high dearest John and give my love to my Father

  95. It was March 2016 when I met Jonathan for the first time in our boardroom . We had just started working together on a New Summer campaign for Ipanema and Rider . Both of us being funny and with a great sense of humour we clicked immediately and from that day onwards it was not just a work relationship but I considered Jon as one of my friends .
    With his passion for sports it was easy for us to speak to same language and we are extremely proud that the big man himself was behind our successful campaign #BETHECHANGE.
    Something that comes to mind is that in every meeting we had he always spoke about his son Gigi , he adored him .
    On a personal note I have had regular chats on what’s up these last months , but deep down in my heart I felt that Jonathan will overcome this battle but I was wrong . Jon I want to tell you how grateful I am that I got to know a special person like you , my heart aches but your memories will be with me for ever . Fly high Buddy xxx

  96. Aw Gann
    I have so many amazing things to say about you, just don’t know where to begin! Many moons ago I had met you together with your partner in crime, JD to discuss taking over the marketing of my new venture; along the years you always made sure to remind me b’dik id-dahqa, that I was your client number 000001 in your portfolio. I could say the rest is history but it’s not. I keep reliving the fond memories I have of you whilst working together on projects and campaigns you spearheaded, the last one being the massive launch of a great international brand; you used to read my mind and anticipate my thoughts ?
    We used to have endless conversations about the local state of affairs deciding they weren’t worth wasting time on and switch to the art of cooking food and wine drinking, but whiskey was a favorite of yours too. Unfortunately we never managed to open a limited edition bottle of Dalhwinnie we promised each other li nifqghu when you beat the ‘b****’.
    Yesterday I listened to Ligabue, another favorite of yours, music was always a highlight of our conversations.
    Buddy you left a massive void in a lot of people’s lives, your candle went out way too soon. No problem was a real problem for you. You used face every situation with a smile and positive attitude. You used to go, halli f’idi man! And you always found a solution.
    I can still remember the last time you came to the office this year, you told you were feeling great and that you’ll be as good as new again and started dancing the twist telling me ghadni hemm man ?
    Thank you Jon for not only being a great working partner but also a good friend, you were an inspiration, you gave me hope when I used to be at my wits end.
    I’m sure you’re resting now and playing pranks on the other angels up above.
    Until we meet again buddy, Caw Gann xx

  97. Dearest Jonathan
    We met of all places in haematology. I never knew you before but knew your parents when I was young. In those few days we were together in the ward you made me laugh so much. Your amazing character, zest for life and attitude was wonderful. You loved to tease and your love for your work and family was obvious. When I found out that things were not right I phoned in – totally shocked – your strength used to amaze me and my family cried out for you. I know that the docs and nurses and carers in haematology will miss your laughing face. Johnathan in those few months – we love you. Pray for us dear friend. a big hug always
    Our Deep prayers go to Elaine, Gigi, Hector and Monica.
    Sue XXX

  98. I cannot believe I’m writing this! I consider myself very lucky to have met you Jon. Will always cherish your contagious smile. You were a great man, only those who have met you can understand these words. Keep shining Jon, I’m seeing you smiling at all of us from heaven! X ❤️

  99. Hey John, we talked couple of months ago and I must say your determination to win this battle was impressive. I was happy to encourage you even more as I had just passed through this with my dad and I’m sure you never gave up for 1 second. Your character was too strong for this, and as I always keep saying always the better persons are taken first.
    Working with you and your team was always a pleasure as I could not consider it as only work… its work/jokes/laughter.
    Keep watching over us and all your family, and say hi to my dad when you meet him.
    Till we meet again…..Rest in piece my friend.

  100. Hey Johnny, you had a lot of qualities but 2 things shined more than anything else… That smile on your face was priceless. It was a show of acceptance and appreciation towards others. Secondly you always let people in and offered help and advice… I can mention a few things you helped me with.. The choice between Nikon and Canon for starters!! You had experience to spare and u shared your little tricks with us beginners in the world of photography. You were that person that gave me advice to pursue the career as an international referee. You told me something in all honesty and I was hooked, immediately. I remember your words from 2004 as if it was yesterday “You love volleyball and refereeing right? So what’s wrong if you go around the world and do what you love thanks to Volleyball… and you get paid to do it!! You are young and you are a good referee, I enjoy playing, you enjoy being a referee. So go for it! One day maybe i’ll do the same.” I was lucky enough to do this for a number of years and when I decided to stop, you asked me why. I explained my motivation and you told me two things… “You are a man and you got balls for doing this!” Since the men’s competitions stopped, we did not meet that much but I am so proud I was on the other side of the net during your last official match. You always showed respect man given the true gentleman you were. Mum and Dad are surely in a tough spot at the moment but I wish to tell them something, I just want to thank them. Thanks Mrs Chetcuti, thanks Hector. Thank you for granting us the opportunity of knowing such a beautiful person. Till we meet again my friend… Fly high Captain

  101. Dear Elaine and Gigi,
    I met Jonathan a year ago at his office and took a liking to him because he was so helpful,understanding and friendly to me. He always replied to my e-mails within hours and solved my problems. He was also my savior to meet my deadlines and produced on behalf of Concept Stadium excellent work for me. Just before completing the job Jonathan was working on last September he introduced me to his close friend and partner Jonathan who had since notified me on his medical condition.
    Little did I know that our friendship would last for such a short time, and the Lord would select him for himself. May you rest in peace Jon,you have gone but your legacy will live for ever.
    To all your dear family condolences on your great loss .

  102. I knew Jon from our time working together when I was at my previous place of work. He was nothing short of brilliant; smart, creative, a ‘let’s do it’ attitude and everything and anything in between. His greatest attribute was that he passed on all these qualities to his team so seamlessly who, in turn, gravitated towards him and shared his vision. A leader who inspired. The last time I spoke with Jon was when he called me to wish me well for moving on to another role. It was during that conversation that he told me something which I still carry with me to this day. For him, it may have just been a passing comment. For me, it was the encouragement I so needed at a particularly challenging time. My deep regret is that I found out about his big challenge when it was too late. Even if I wanted to repay the favour, I couldn’t. Rest in Peace, Jon. You were taken too soon. You were a good man with a big heart. If anything is now clear, it is that.

  103. My friend, my team mate, my captain, this and so much more, I realize now how lucky I was to have had you in my life, playing in the same team, representing our country, winning or loosing, so many good memories that will never be forgotten.
    I will always remember the way you would keep the spirts high during a game, all you used to tell me was “Brunetti…. ifqah” and smile, I would build up all the strength I had inside me, nobody could do that only you 🙂
    Rest In Peace Jon, until we meet again hobbippp.

    My deepest condolences to Elaine and Gigi and all the family during this hard time, our thoughts are with time.

    P.S Jonathan D and the team this was a brilliant Idea, respect and keep up the legacy. Thank you

  104. You were one of my idols when I was a little girl just starting out volleyball… one of the legends I always looked up to… I had then stopped volleyball and have only met you again last year and you had not changed one bit! Big charismatic smile that was infectious! It is true that only the good die young 🙁 my deepest condolences to all the family xx

  105. Whenever I encountered Johnathon he would always approach me with a smile and a sincere greeting.He was so bubbly and had a great sense of humor.When he spoke of his son I could see not only his love for him but how proud he was of him.I could also see he was instilling in his son the values and teachings he was taught from his AMAZING parents! He truly was a good person.May he rest in peace and I pray for his family to find a way to carry on with their lives without him.

  106. Jonny,

    I remember walking into the marketing office at Melita in 2010 feeling somewhat out of place… how wrong I was! You and the rest of the team took me in like I was really meant to be there, and from day 1, I felt like I was part of a whole. Those times were really the best! We worked hard, we played hard, and we laughed so hard! We laughed at all kinds of stupid s**t… and why not. Without laughter, life is not worth living, and you knew that better than all!
    Even when I was passing through the worst period of my life, you were there to lighten up the mood, and at the same time be a strong support for my silly breakdowns 🙂

    Thank you for having been a part of my life.

  107. Għaziz Bobo…Għadni ma nistax nemmen…ta 13 il-sena, bdejt il-karriera tiegħi bħala Volleyball player. Kont nħares lejk u ta tifla li kont (b’ħafna ambizzjonijiet) kont ngħid go qalbi, bħalek irid insir. Kont għentni ħafna fuq xogħol, kont ta kuraġġ kbir meta kont weġġajt waqt il-logħob, kont ħabib li avolja kien jgħaddi zmien, xorta kont bqajt tgħajjatli minn naħa għal oħra tal court EJJA CASSAR! Frazi li tibqa dejjem go qalbi kienet: Taqta qalbek qatt Ray! B’dik it-tbissima li ma tispiċċa qatt.

    Għalija, se tibqa għal dejjem l-idolu tiegħi! (u aktarx tal familja kollha tal-Volleyball)



  108. I’ve been thinking alot about how long I’ve known Jonathan. I’ve known him for at least 25 years. Hes a Balzani like I am and I remember meeting after 11:30 Sunday mass and spending time talking as a group of youngsters. He was always the joker of the gathering, always making everyone laugh. He was also around when I first met my husband. I was 16 and Trevor and Jon, both very tall, would sit in a back row at church, eyeing all the girls! Jon actually gave Trevor a lift to a party at surfside when Trevor and I eventually got together! Jon was an amazing human being. His positivity was infectious and even through his illness, he never gave up and fought till the very end. I feel lucky and privileged to have known him. RIP Jon and keep making us smile from up there.

  109. Possibly one of the easiest guys to get along with I even got to know. Funny, smart, happy and definitely a good man. You will be missed but never forgotten. Till we meet again!

  110. Today I lost a friend…. a very good one to say the least. Although we didn’t see each other that often, whenever I felt stressed, depressed or on the verge of losing my cool, I’d think of him and ask myself, how would Jonathan handle this? You see, my friend was one of those people who never let stress get to him, and when it did he never off loaded it on others. No matter how hard it got, no matter how impossible the situation looked, Johnny always had a positive thing to say or a funny remark that would crack every one up. If all failed, he just had to look at me and smile, and suddenly everything was better. I was lucky enough to have had the opportunity to spend five years of my life in his presence on a daily basis. We worked in the same office, and day in day out, no matter what crisis we were facing Jonathan made me and everyone else smile and laugh out loud. Very few people (especially men) on this earth get me, but Jonathan did. We joined Melita almost on the same day, and from that very first day, Johnny would call me BEZZ – a nickname only my closest friends use – and yet, it immediately felt right that he would call me that too. Life at Melita was good, the culture was super, but he made it 500 times better just by being who he is. It is hard to see the silver lining when you lose someone like Jonathan, and it is hard to understand why someone so good would be taken so young, but if he was still here, I know he’d say something corny to make me cringe with laughter and accept the things I cannot change with humour. So I now choose to feel grateful for having known such a great man with such a character. Rest in peace my dear friend. I’ll always remember you as the cheerful, positive guy that you were and I’ll strive to be more like you every day. My heart goes out to Elaine and Gigi, Jon’s parents and family.

  111. It is incredibly hard to think that I will not see Jon again. As we in Crane Currency started thinking of building our new world class facility here in Hal Far almost four years ago, our Office Manager Stephanie Micallef linked us up with Concept Stadium. She told me they were an organisation ran by two Jonathan’s (that’s also my name) She was certain they would present a vision to us and support us in selling our industry leading technology and facility to our customers worldwide. with their PR and Marketing skills. Heard it before I thought !!
    Then I met the two metre man. He blew me away. I was always waiting for the sales pitch, but it never came. It was simply thoughts, idea’s and concepts presented to us in a way that allowed us to choose and believe we’d thought of them ourselves.
    Our Grand Opening for example involved Central Bank Governors and officials from over thirty Central Banks from around the world. Along with our Senior Marketing VP over from the United States for the occasion, the events of that week were flawless. Jon of course simply stood in the background smiling quietly to himself as unnoticed as someone who’s 6′ 6″ can do.
    I’ve always believe that life is unnecessarily too complicated. One of the most simple measures of a person in my eyes is the answer to two questions. Are you looking forward to the next time you see them, and when you do see them, is your first reaction a smile.
    Well Jon my friend in your case the answer to both questions was a big yes. Typing this is upsetting, but as your face comes to mind now, I promise you I am smiling.
    I’m thinking of your family and I cannot imagine how they are feeling and the pain they are suffering. However I do know that they are blessed for having had you in their life, and I’m certain they will have memories that no one can take away.
    Rest in peace my friend.
    John Scott.

  112. We will miss your smile, your larger than life character, your huge personality, your brilliant and all so funny sense of humour, your battutine and everything that it brings with it.
    I got to know you primarily through my cousin and have vivid memories of you and your Uni klikka at their wedding, but Alan and I were privileged to get to know you better in the past year at Neptunes, meeting regularly every Friday,
    sitting in the parents corner whilst the kids would have their usual training session.
    We cannot put in words how lucky we are to have crossed paths and how quickly we became friends. The world needs people like you Jon and through your brief but very intense battle you showed your true colours. Your last words to us were FORZA E CORAGGIO giving us what we should have been giving to you instead.
    Rest in peace Jonathan.
    Our sincere and deepest condolences to Elaine, Gigi and your families.

  113. A guy who didn’t have a bad bone in his body and always with a huge smile on his face. You will really be missed buddy it was always a pleasure chatting with you about rugby and photography. Until we meet again, keep smiling 🙂

  114. I knew Jonathan through volleyball. During early years Jonny (we were still under 19) was the opponent to beat, giving his utmost but with total respect to his opponent. Then around 15 years ago I joined him on the team and a story of continuous support began. Endless memories. At Valletta volleyball he managed to create a family and he was a point of reference both on court and in life. The way Jonny faced life is truly inspirational to each and every one of us. He made the people around him feel important and increased their self confidence. He managed to give his undivided attention to everyone at a certain time. His kindness knows no limits. His smile was contagious and made sure that everyone around him is smiling too. Truly missed. May God be with all the family and us all. All of us are honoured not only cause we knew Jonny but because we have an angel looking upon us. Take care of us #10.

  115. True definition of a ‘gentle giant’. It’s been some time since we last spoke and needless to say, yesterday’s news came as a huge shock. Thank you for your words of advice, for showing genuine appreciation towards my work and for the doors you opened. RIP.

  116. A precious gentleman, a friend, a brother, a special dad, a wonderful volleyball player. Miss you so much, Big Jon.
    Mrs. Mushroom
    Jon, il migliore amico che chiunque possa desiderare.

  117. The first time I met Jon was on a volleyball pitch…..a mutual frienbd who played with Jon introduced us and we immediately clicked. I ken his wife Elaine well and was at their wedding….what a great time we had 🙂
    Jonathan had an infectious smile, a joie de vivre that was enviable and was always willing to help out!
    The world was a better place with Jonathin in it and we will all miss him….Rest in peace Jon, until we meet again.

  118. Even though I have only known Jon through work in the past two years he was a true gentleman and full of great ideas for the business . I shall miss him and his generous smile.

  119. Dear Jon,
    We met way back in 1992 when by coincidence we found ourselves attending the same English, Maltese and maths private lessons. Then again, by pure coincidence you were the first person I met when I stepped into GO mobile’s premises…you had looked at me, hit your forehead and with that usual smile on you face said “Le mhux hawn ukoll Depasquale!” and then we both burst out laughing.
    Your infectious smile, your joie de vivre and your great sense of humour can never be forgotten! Fly high Jonathan

  120. Gan . I always believed that everybody can make a difference in the life albeit lives around him . The problem is however one: positive or negative.
    In your case, it is undeniably obvious! I feel privileged to have been able to witness this since the very beginning.
    Fly high !

  121. We were friends going back to our teenage days with our respective National Teams at Small Nations, then kept in touch as friends and later became Business Friends and Partners is sharing work. It was always easy and a pleasure to work with Jonathan and having him as a friend.
    He will be sorely missed by everyone. My Condolences to his Family.

  122. Dear Jonathan’s family, dear Jonathan and team of Concept Stadium, we write to you and we don’t even know where to begin. …there are no words, never enough words, for what you all must be going through. We cannot even begin to imagine the depths of your pain at losing this beloved member of your family.

    We met Jon once, but it is as though we have already known him, he was such a wonderful man and a beautiful soul. Now we cannot stop thinking about him. And we are so deeply sorry for your terrible loss.

    As Jonathan said, Jon is still with you, with his family, his son, his friends. We do believe without a doubt that nothing can separate his heart from yours, not ever. Please take care of yourself, all of you, and know that so many people who loved him are with you, in your love for him and in your grief.

  123. It is not the length of life, but the depth of life that we should measure. When Jon passed he left a gift for us all: a set of eyes through which to see the world. As the real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.

    May the poem of Jon’s life continue through our eyes and hearts.

  124. This news has shocked me beyond anything I’ve heard in a long, long time. Jon, we bonded over our mutual love of American Sports & memorabilia and I remember our first meeting lasted far too long due to that fact. My deepest condolences to your family. ?

  125. I knew Jon from a business point of view… I used to meet him close to our work premises and always had a good chat… His positive approach towards life and work left much to be desired.. RIP dear friend. In the name of AMC MARKETING LTD, i`d like to give my sincere condolences to all his family.

  126. Jonathan was a client and a supplier, in both roles he was always with a positive approach and any problem was not a problem for him but a challenge. Meetings always started with a good laugh accompanied with a great conversation.

    Jonathan, you will be missed and remembered by the great smile on your face.

  127. Rest In Peace dear friend and working colleague.
    It was a privilege to work with you. Can never forget the first thing we did when we did meet was that of talking about football, Champions League and in particular your beloved Juve!
    A true professional and a true gentleman always with a smile on his face.
    Sincere condolences to Elaine and family.

  128. Why is it that the good die young? Why?

    The world lost a gentleman, an amazing character, a heart of gold. Always larger than life. Always positive. Always with a huge smile and ready to crack a joke or two.

    “Aw Scicluna”… was the usual greeting I received every time we met. Your towering height was of no threat to anyone outside a volleyball pitch. Your gentle and soft touch was, and will continue to be, unique.

    All we’re left with now are memories, great memories of you, and photos from the paths we crossed in life. Enough to remember you as the gentle giant you truly are. Fly high, beautiful soul.

    Until we meet again, Jonathan.

  129. Jon and I first met when he came over for an interview at GO MOBILE. They say within seconds you know if you’ll hire somebody and with Jon this was the easiest selection I had ever been involved in. Over the years we become more than just colleagues at work. Our common passion for sport coupled with his incredible energy and positive outlook towards life made it easy for us to retain a solid friendship along the years. We crossed paths again at Melita and the story was the same. I was very happy that he decided to run his own business and I was pretty amazed how together with his ‘twin’ he managed to grow the business so rapidly. His dedication for detail, his passion for creative and his eye for customer experience were the cornerstones of his work. I last exchanged messages with him on January 3rd. He was full of hope and in such high spirits. He told me that by the end of March we’d go watch a Juventus match and have a couple of cold beers. No words can explain the sorrow I felt when I learnt early last week of his predicament. I am however sure that Jon is watching over his dear ones in his unique way. Smile Jon, the angels in heaven need you.

  130. A great genuine smile and an always welcoming approach with the nicest sense of humour. These qualities always made Jon shine not only in the board room or the office but translated also on the phone and everywhere he was. Our encounters were mostly business related however he managed to be an inspirational person to me and definitely to many others closer to him.

    Until we meet again! Rest in peace Jon.

  131. Jonathan. My Spanish music partner in crime and the one who always made sure I kept smiling even when the going got though! I have learned so much from you. You were always happy to support me whenever I needed it and there whenever we wanted to have a laugh. Such a big smile and kind heart! I always think of you whenever I put on our favourite reggaeton music and this will be something that I will treasure forever. I’m sure you’re looking down on us and dancing to reggaeton and smiling, knowing that your memory will stay in our hearts forever. Until we meet again Jon!

  132. ‘It’s not what you achieve in life but what legacy you leave behind you!’ Jon you left a mark in so many hearts, you will live in us all. Fly high champion.

  133. One of the few people who I could speak on the same level with 🙂 We grew up together living just a corner away from each other. You actually had bet me to ask Adela out over 20 years ago and now she is my wife. We had so many things in common, our love for sport, Juventus and also the Springboks! I am going to miss you so much but I know that i will have someone up there looking out for my family and myself always. I will cherish our memories together forever Jon

  134. I will always think of Jonathan’s quality of life as opposed to the shortness of it because when you measure his quality it was golden. Rest well Jon .

  135. I’ll always remember Jonathan for his goodwill. Life is unfair. I will always think of Jonathan’s quality of life as opposed to the shortness of it because when you measure his quality it was golden. Rest well Jon .

  136. As our partner agency in Malta, I travelled from Sweden to Malta two years ago, to meet up with CS and Mr Jonathan. A big guy with a big heart. You really took care of me and made my staying memorable. You were the mountain biking guy, and I was more into trail running, but I got wonderful tips on trails to experience your island from you. I only met you for a couple of days, but I understood you’re a warmhearted man who care about people, that’s for sure. After that I only spoke on phone and digitally, but that warm heart was always there. Interesting how a man I hardly knew made such an impression. Take care and see you up there.

  137. Didn’t know Jon much but know Jonathan Dalli very well & have interacted with him a lot. Shocked to know this. May fond memories of your partner bring you comfort during this hard time in your life. My heart and prayers go out to you, your family and the complete team at Concept Stadium.

    Rest in Peace Jon.

  138. Hey Jon, I keep hearing you call me….. “ara r-Rocket” with that lovely smile of yours and that buzzing character of yours! Thank you Jon for showing me that pure joy, I will forever keep it in mind. Fly high Jon….of course you’ll shine like you did on court…till we meet again dear friend x

  139. Dear Jon,
    Although I have known Elaine for a very long time I only had the privilege to make your acquaintance in the last couple of years during which I had the opportunity to work with you on a work-related project . During the brief meetings we had immediately realised the good & big heart you had but most of all I realised that you had a happy soul. I can find no words to console Elaine, Gigi and your respective families or your friends except that I share in their sorrow. I am however convinced that your soul is alive and at peace and that you are watching over your much loved ones. Your physical absence is sorely missed

  140. The expression ‘only the good die young’ rarely ever rang so true. Fly high big man and may your positive spirit live on through your family, your colleagues and those who were touched by your life. Godspeed Jon, keep smiling.

  141. Dear Jon, I didn’t know you here on Earth, but I know many of your friends and thanks to social media I have come to know what you were made of. Clearly we’re missing someone of your stature back here. Thanks for touching me through the testimonials of your loved ones. Rest in peace.

  142. Jon …the jolly character complimented by a unique smile accompanied by that unforgettable sound of your giggle 🙂
    Calm , gentle and defender of good sense and that ‘don’t worry we’ll find a way’ attitude 🙂 this is how I can describe you Jon.
    I’ve come to know you a decade back and in my memories of us so many funny conversations and personal life experiences I narrated that you so much loved to listen to attentively with ‘laugh out loud’ story endings !
    I have a great pic of us chatting and laughing while sipping to a glass of grape juice 😉 together with ‘is-sur’ Dalli on my 50th surprise that I will truly cherish in your memory .
    Fly High buddy in celebration to your beautiful life shared with many down here.
    Gone too soon.

  143. Dear Jonathan

    I am so grateful to have had the privilege of getting to know you, both as a customer as well as a friend and fellow Juventino. You are easily one of the bravest people I have ever known, and you were such an incredible gift to all the people who knew you.

    A true gentleman, always knowing what to say and when.

    My sincere condolences to the team at Concept as well as to his lovely wife Elaine and son Gigi.


  144. I met Jon very few times, but the words “gentle giant” popped into my head whenever I did meet him. So long Jon, hope you are in a better place and are watching over your family.

  145. I met Jon very few times, but the words “gentle giant” popped into my head whenever I did meet him. So long Jon, hope you are in a better place and are watching over your family.

  146. We worked with these two Jonathan’s for quite a while now. I still cannot believe it that as a person we will not see him anymore. But like many others are saying, he is in our hearts, and as J.Dalli put it nicely, Guardian Angel. I don’t think I ever saw him angry. Jonathan you are now at rest and from all the pain and suffering. Look after your team, because you two built a business on solid ground.

    Condolences from the Pace family, and from all the staff at Intervisions Limited and Palmyra. God grant him eternal rest.

  147. Jonathan was a great man bursting with energy and life, I knew him at Melita and worked on a project with Concept Stadium, he was brilliant and full of ideas. He will be greatly missed.

  148. Will always remember Jonathan for his joie de vivre.. .always smiling and staying positive no matter what, always ready to help. I can never forget how much we used to laugh at the office, such great times that I will cherish forever. Until we meet again! May you rest in peace.

  149. I had the pleasure to work with Jon with a previous company i worked for and now with OFICI for which together we managed to come up with an excellent branding product. I really admired his positivity and most of all that unique smile. Unfortunately, as they say, the best always leave us too soon but for sure you legacy will remain with us. Rest in peace dear Jon, I’m sure you will be taking good care of your beloved ones and your team from above. Till we meet again.

  150. Jon was my neighbour. He lived in the apartment below mine with his partner Elaine and eventually with Gigi. They were definitely neighbours I enjoyed meeting in the common parts and we”d always stop and chat. When my flat was burgled, they were both very supportive. Jon had even given me some invaluable tips for which I was (and still am) extremely grateful. There are people and people and Jonathan and Elaine were stand-up people’ – the sort that radiated goodness and honesty . You just felt it. I had no idea he was unwell and the minute I saw his picture on Facebook and the messages pouring in, I was gutted and so very sad. And I thought ‘the good really do die young.’ From what I have read, he clearly touched many people’s lives. My condolences to Elaine at this very sad and difficult time.

  151. Jon, you were larger than life. Not only because you’re, what 7-feet?! But also because you lit the room whenever you entered it. And you still are larger than life. Look at the outpour of love you’ve received, from all factions of life. Everyone says what a “gentleman” you were & how infectious that cheeky grin of yours. You made everyone feel noticed and would say hello even to a fly. And people noticed does things. You made people feel good & made moments matter. That’s how I will remember you. I will smile when I remember you.

  152. Such a fun loving guy, we were filming all day for a client one day, and he wanted to sit in my car to check his headroom (needless to say he picked on me as I don’t have that problem) we had a good laugh, and recently at a meeting with a good friend and client of ours, we worked and had a good laugh,always such a pleasure to meet up with Jon…..the world has lost one of its best.

  153. Jonathan

    It was back in 2003 when I met you for the first time. I was only 13 years old ( naqra ta molla Kont tghidli ) at a volleyball session. Kont naqla ghonqi biex nhares lejk ( sakhemm kwazi ilhaqtek haha ).
    Yes I remember that Fleur-de-lys was challenging for the male league for the very first time and obviously the level was so high and I was still nothing compared to the level you guys had.
    But although that, you still managed to find away to make me part of the session and part of the team knowing that I was more of a burden than an assist for the team in that year.
    I remember taking me home after the session and telling me “ ahna il-middles xoghlna nidhlu ma nhallu lil hadd jghaddi umbad tali pruvaw jghaddu…nifqawhom u wara nohorgu nistriehu u jidhol il Libero “. I used to tell you Gann I don’t want to play as a middle ghat vera boring u ma tkunx il main player Tal-loghba. And your reply was so simple and to the point “ Make them worry that you’re coming in, Make them scared of you when they see you resting to come in instead of the Libero… you can be a main player by being a middle in those 3 rotations you’re inside blocking and spiking and than when you’re on the bench you keep on supporting your TEAM, THATS HOW TO BE A MAIN PLAYER NOT BY TAKING 100’s of balls and staying on the court all the time but by always supporting your TEAM.”

    I played only one season against you and it wasn’t easy at all. As soon as that season was over you called me and told me “ Now that you’ve been trashed, gej lura ?” And I told you “ Is number 11 still available?” And you replied “ It was always reserved for your comeback.”

    How many times we went out together, how many times we trained together, how many times we played for our club together, how many times we went abroad together… Its the past now but hey we lived it to the full. I’m sure you don’t regret all what you’ve lived and I’m sure you’re going with peace in your heart up there protecting your wonderful wife Elaine and your handsome son GIGI. Because you did what everyone which to do in a lifetime.

    I think it’s a difficult time for all of Volleyball in Malta, not just his family and friends because I don’t know anybody that had a bad word to say about Jon at all – on or off the pitch. ( Okay maybe on the pitch no one wanted to play against him as he used to tweeze the opponents a lot ? but that was our captain )
    “He was just an absolute gentlemen but a fierce winner. It was an absolute pleasure and a real privilege to play with him and I just can’t believe it.
    “He was such a charismatic character, great in the dressing room, great on court but he wanted volleyball played the right way. He wanted to get it and spike/block it, he would tell you things on court and encourage you.
    “We’ve lost an unbelievable character, an unbelievable gentleman, an unbelievable husband, an unbelievable father and an unbelievable volleyball player.”

    Gann THANK-YOU for all you’ve done with me, for all the advices you gave me and for all the laughs we’ve laughed, for all the games we won but even for those we lost and you still came to encourage us and telling the TEAM that we learn from losses too, for all the cups we won together and for all the magical nights we lived drinking and going abroad together.

    Like you always told the team that we even learn from LOSSES, here I am learning how to lose a friend, a teammate and most of all losing my VOLLEYBALL IDOL which had the privalage to train\play\celebrate with. You keep on teaching me life even when you’re gone…. HOW BIG YOU’RE GAN ❤️

    This was the most difficult, painful post I had ever wrote but I smiled, laughed and was happy writing it because I had the pleasure to be part of your life.

    You’re our true HERO❤️
    You’re my captain
    You’re the only #10
    You’re the pure example of a teammate and captain that I try to pass to the players I coach.

    I’m sure Fr.Tony Parnis is at the heaven’s gate waiting for you to welcome you to heaven so that he starts creating his volleyball team up there.

    Until we meet again our Legend

    Kif dejjem Kont tghajjat Int … CITYYYYYYYYYY


  154. He was a person who has always put a smile on everyone’s face. Fun, smart, ambitious and hard-working, this is how I will always remember him. Thank you Jon for being a great teacher and an awesome colleague. Rest in Peace.

  155. I only met Jon a few times but I will never forget his jokes and his contagious smile whilst working on different marketing projects. I can’t forget the good laugh we had whilst shooting video during one of Malta’s leading obstacle races .. he kept on sneaking onto the monkey bars every time he had the chance!

    Jon, I knew you and the rest of the Concept Stadium team mostly on a professional level and I can vouch for the passion you had for work and for life in general. I’m sure that the seeds you’ve sown with Jonathan Dalli will live forever just like your legacy will.

    Rest in peace Jon!

  156. Jonathan, as long as we’ve been associated with your company, we’ve never failed to sense the dedication and hard work you contributed. You always instilled into your clients great confidence in your services. Your absence will create a great gap at The Concept Stadium and I’m sure your company will feel the effects of your passing for a long time. You were always known for working to build the company, never to gain personal glory.

    Jonathan Chetcuti you will be sorely missed by everyone at IFSP. We’ll miss your jokes too!! I’m certain I’m expressing the thoughts of many in the marketing community, as well. Farewell and may your soul rest in peace!

  157. Got to know and worked with Jon and the team at Concept Stadium through JCI. You’ve always welcomed us to your offices and Jon kept things light-hearted. May his energy be passed on through those that he left behind and that the team always approaches life with a smile, as he’d probably would be telling you from above.

  158. Dear Jon,
    You could have been just another colleague, but your unique sense of humour and your kind nature turned you into a friend. When I got to know about your illness, I refused to believe that this was it and was full of hope that 2020 would turn the page for you. And you believed that too, because I can honestly say that I’ve never seen you succumb to bitterness and despair. I hope you are at peace, we will never forget you.

  159. I knew Jon first at Neptunes Club, where we used to chat about sports and work in general. Then we worked together. He believed in my work and always tried to help. He was such a nice person to be around. Always joking and smiling and that I will never forget. One moment I remember is him cheering me in a race I was doing. He took photos of me and I have been trying desperately to find them online since yesterday. I ll-manage:) Thanks Jon. I was lucky to get to know you. Rest now and take care of your beautiful wife and son. I Will remember your smile forever!

  160. Jon was a guy who was full of energy and full of life. From the first time I met him in his first office in Naxxar, he always welcomed me with open arms. We also shared an office together with his team for a couple of years when we decided to move to Hardrocks. We always shared our love for South Africa and for their Braii. In his last message to me he told me he cannot wait to go back there. He is now in the best place he could be, a guardian angel for all his family and friends. He is surely making heaven a better place. Keep smiling Jon. Your kind nature, smile and sense of humour will remain in my memory till my time comes. Rest in Peace.

  161. Didn’t know Jon much but the few times we spoke , he always, always made me laugh, either by pulling my leg, or saying a joke. And as I am reading this I am loking at what someone else wrote and he wrote the same thing as me. What a gift , to smile all the time even if you don’t feel like smiling, you always did. Smile. And made us laugh so so much.

    Dear Jon, no-one should leave this world at such a young age, let alone someone like you. I had my thoughts about you, but as I read peoples’ thoughts and memories about you, on your wall, it dawned on me that not only my thoughts were correct but it was my loss not to get to you a tad better. It is palpable that people were better off with you in their lives and your loss hit home!

    Last msg you sent me, it read.. ‘ Thanks Ana, the glass is more than half full, everything will be alright ‘ So i am going to take those words and use them , so that I too can see my glass half full , like you did , instead of the other way around !

    It’s funny how little I knew you and what a huge impact you left on me.

    rest in peace J.

  162. He had an incredible gift of putting smiles on peoples faces. Whenever he would enter a room he would leave the room with everyone in it with a smile on his or her face. It always started with a smile of his own. I remember sometimes not being in the mood to smile at all, but he would always put one on your face, if you wanted it or not. He had incredible gift of finding joy and that’s something I will always remember him by. Rest in peace Jon. I’m sure you put a smile on everyone’s face in heaven already.

  163. He was kind hearted, cheerful a man of respect. Full of energy and manage to leave you with a smile with his jolly character. Fly high Jonathan ?

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