A number of companies at Hardrocks Business Park in Naxxar came together to organise a blood donation initiative on Tuesday 9th February, collecting a number of bags of blood for those in need.

The Mobile Blood Donation Unit received donors between 8:30am and 1pm, and a number of employees from various organisations were eligible to donate after a brief medical test was conducted on each person interested.

AppleCore Foods offered to welcome the Unit in front of its premises and provided power supply throughout the morning.

Jonathan Dalli, Managing Director at the Concept Stadium, the boutique marketing consultancy firm that organised the initiative, explained that “This is what Corporate Social Responsibility is truly about. It’s not just about talking about it, or promoting it, but actually doing it. We’re extremely grateful for everyone’s support and it’s great to see so many companies from various industries within the Hardrocks Business Park coming together. We encourage other business hubs to follow suit”

Some eye-opening Stats from the National Blood Transfusion Service show us that:

  1. Every hour someone in the Maltese Islands needs 2 units (bags) of blood.
  2. Under normal circumstances, approximately 70 blood donors are needed every day.
  3. The blood types most often requested by all the hospitals in the Maltese Islands are O positive and A positive.
  4. A single car accident victim can require as many as 20 units (bags) of blood, sometimes even more. Lately, one victim received 60 units!

Moreover, last year approximately 20,000 people registered to donate blood – from an estimate of 280,000 Maltese who are eligible (age-wise) to donate blood. This less than 5% of the population (420,000).